Who will be big in 2010? BBC’s Sound of 2010 hits the meh barrier (again)


Heard a bunch of the BBC’s Sound of 2010 on Music Week and on the wesbite, apparently ‘165 UK-based tastemakers’ worryingly, and  my instant responses:

  • Daisy Dares You – to be a Lily Allen clone
  • Little Florence Marina and the Diamonds Boots Machine
  • Stornaway‘s Fleet is rather Foxed
  • Delphic Klaxons of Trojan War, or are they Friendly?
  • Joy ‘Where’s the Burial?’ Orbison (great name though)
  • Ellie Golding - La Lady Gagahawke called and wants her sound back
  • Giggs in Manuva Attack Shocka!
  • Rox-y Winehouse
  • Two Door Cinema Club is obviously having a Vampire Weekend
  • The Drums are obviously from Franzvegas
  • Devlin will suffer in the autotune backlash of 2010. Do we need another Plan B? Isn’t one enough?
  • Everything Everything quote Radiohead as an influence but I can hear Peter Gabriel/Coldplay when the industry has gotten to them. Nice to see the african/Vamps influence again. It’s all a bit Simple Minds though.
  • Gold Panda (Bear, Collective) – like the raga samples though. Could do some interesting collabs or go up his arse like Animal Collective.
  • (Johnny) Hurts (Jazz)…in Black and 80’s white. Can hear them writing for boybands shortly. Like the return to the embarassing 80’s video though – but surely 2010 is the death of the 80’s revival? Please? Again on the Simple Minds/dreampop mid 80’s ABC thing. Saxaphones? Ugh.
  • Owl City (obviously The Postal Service is on strike there, ho ho) – reassuringly crap name probably referencing Harry Potter. The return of twee, ffs.

The only ones I liked were The Drums who have been getting airplay already, Two Door Cinema Club cos of the Vamps influence (ditto Stornaway cos I’m a big fan of teh Foxes), Giggs could be interesting and Joy Orbison’s fidgety drumstep crossover might wobble into the charts but it’s all rather generic and sounds like someone else. Meh.

What do you think is going to be big in 2010?

Fleetwood Mix – Fleetwood Mac mashup LP

Finally I present to you ‘Fleetwood Mix’ – the Fleetwood Mac mashup album (it changed from an EP to a short LP in the last few hours, literally!) with tracks by DJ BC (current Bootie Top 10 Exclusive!), Celebrity Murder Party, LeeDM101, DJ FOX, RIAA, 10000 Spoons and myself, remixing the hits new and old in the 30+ year career of Fleetwood Mac. Musically the mashups and remixes range from glam rock, rap, house, dubstep, children’s records and ambient!

I thought this would never see the day, so it’s good to finally have it for you – you can download the tracks below or the full zip with larger artwork on Mediafire and failing that – and only if the link is down – you can download it direct from my server. Keep in mind though if you hammer/spread this link I will take it down again as it nearly nuked the server last time!

EDIT: I spruced up ‘Go Your Own Steinway’ which is basically a new version (new intro and speech samples, better production etc.) and uploaded it on the 22nd October, and remastered ‘White Witch Dub’ – so you might want to redownload these :-D Also you can still get the later ‘Dubmatic’ version of White Witch Dub over at the Instamatic site or see the video here.

  1. dj BC – Everybody’s Everyday Girl (Fleetwood Mac vs Snoop Dogg vs Kanye West vs Q-Tip vs Capleton)
  2. Celebrity Murder Party -  Glam Manalishi (remix)
  3. 10000 Spoons – Big Low Love (FM vs Flo Rida vs Hardnoise)
  4. RIAA – Babar’s Tusk (children’s record vs FM)
  5. DJ FOX – Hypnotized Gypsy (Akon vs FM)
  6. Instamatic – White Witch Dub (Skream vs FM – unreleased original version – Dubmatic video)
  7. LeeDM101 – Never Make Me Cry (Man Sized Mix)
  8. Instamatic – Go Your Own Steinway (Eric Prydz vs FM)

Edit – it’s now also available on Fairtilizer and 5 of the tracks are also over on Soundcloud.

Saarbroken: My International Mash Bash set – 1 hour Audio and VJ set

Here’s the audio(and video if you scroll down) of my International Mash Bash set (btw several inclusions of Lady Sov’s Love Me Or Hate Me means it is a bit sweary in places). The idea of the set was to combine audio and video – a new one for me – and in part represent Bastard and a theme runs through it commemorating 20 years since the Second Summer of Love (1989) – it seems piano house sound is coming back, so I wanted to mix old and new.

Also it includes Far Out – which was one of the first songs I DJ’d back in 1994 at Milk Laboratory (hence the Milk Lab mentions in the video which I also did) approriate as I said in my previous post, this is my last DJ set…at least for some time, might do VJing, might do online DJing, but probably the last one I’ll do in the flesh. Far too stressful, and far too many people ‘not getting it’ even when I try and make a floorfilling set like this one. Time to stop ;-)

EDIT: Safari users might want to download and play the MP3 below rather than click the player, looks like Soundcloud’s Flash has a problem with Safari going crashy crashy…


  • DJ Contaminations – Stand Up Against Bonkers Justice
  • Funkytown Kiss (Art of Noise ft Tom Jones vs Lipps Inc)
  • Ian Fondue – Edit!
  • Instamatic – Burn Yr Radio (PE Edit – Leftfield vs Queen & Public Enemy)
  • Skynet UK – Back to ’89 (Calvertron remix)
  • Black Box – Ride on Time (Dreamland remix)
  • AC Slater – Jack Got Jacked (Jack Beats Remix)
  • Sonz of Loop Da Loop Era – Far Out
  • Juan Maclean – One Day (Surkin Remix)
  • El Barto & Liam B – Charly the Cat (Prodigy vs Depeche Mode)
  • Prodigy – Everybody in the Place (AC Slater remix)
  • El Barto and Liam B – I Feel Out of Control (Donna Summer vs Chemical Brothers)
  • Dunproofin – Electro Sandman (Metallica VS Deadmau5 VS F*kkk Off)
  • DJ Lobsterdust – Put On The Red Light (Police vs. Coldplay vs. Thin White Duke)
  • Soundhog – Dire Bass (Azzido da Bass vs Dire Straits)
  • Dunproofin – FU2 (Lady Sovereign remix)
  • La Roux – In For The Kill (Re-edit of Skream’s Remix by High Contrast)
  • DJNoNo – Supercalibreaks (Julie Andrews vs Shy FX)
  • DJNoNo – Do Re Mi Bombscare (short version – Julie Andrews vs 2 Bad Mice)

You can also download it here – or if you’re subscribed to this blog you’ve probably got it already :-)

And drumroll – here’s the video. Yes I’ve combined the backing video for the Saarbruecken DJing with the set audio – most of it is synched, especially at the end. It is itself a mashup of films, found video, my own work, stop frame anim and animation. It includes video from:

  • Unfinished works from 2002 – you might recognise a few people in there ;-)
  • Hausu (strange 1977 Japanese film)
  • My Milk Lab Tapes and TV Smash films
  • Amiga demos new and old
  • Architectural films
  • 24 Hour Party People
  • A Swiss documentary about Bastard
  • Variety films from the turn of the last century
  • Certain D*sney films starring Julie Andrew
  • Various documentaries on the Second Summer of Love, rave culture
  • Music videos (like, duh)
  • UHF (Weird Al film) and Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure
  • My Printer Jam video (incidentally Fox has just removed that off YouTube! Boo!)
  • Mistah Pok video for Burn Yr Radio with a new arty background which will make you go postal
  • Wild Zero – another exceedingly odd Japanese movie

Because of the nasty evil copyright gremlins, the first part isn’t on Vimeo anymore….you can see it in full below though, in Flash and MP4 versions:

This text will be replaced

This text will be replaced

Parkade Flashback 1: Traffic Jambient Dark Dub mix circa 2007

Sorting out some minidiscs I found some of the mixes I recorded years ago at the Parkade…now the Parkade is gone it’s high time to release them as a reminder what was so great about it :-)

Here’s the first Parkade Flashback – a nearly 2 hour dark dubby laid back ambient mix.

This mix was for Traffic Jambient when me and Amanda Shinji rotated Sunday sets – I’m guessing it’s 2007, could be 2008 but I’m guessing probably didn’t release it then cos of the similarity with bits of RC 136 ‘All A World’s A Siege’ which was in the middle of my Psychic TV and dubstep mania…so that would make it around October-November 2007.

Hope you enjoy – bits of it I queried were even mine, I’d forgotten the tracks and the mix so completely, so please mind the cobwebs, and the gaps in my memory in the tracklist below. Let me know if you can refresh my memory on any of these…

He gets in so late at night, We don’t want no fuss and no fight, All through the night (90Mb, 112 mins)

  • Egyptian Lover – House on The Nile
  • Skream – Tapped
  • Apple Blim – Mystical Warrior
  • John Carpenter – Halloween theme
  • Control Freak – Limbo
  • Jeff Sconce – carry on wayward continuity actor
  • Shackleton – Stalker
  • Skream – Midnight Request Line
  • Skream – Chestboxing
  • Coil – Lorca not Orca
  • Disrupt – Blast You To Bits
  • Disrupt – IK+
  • Ryuichi Sakamoto – The Rain
  • Vangelis – Memories of Green
  • Venetian Snares – Galamb Egyedül
  • Supermayer – Don’t Let The Sun Catch You Crying
  • Skream – Midnight Request Line (again? is this a remix? Or just liking it rather a lot? :-D)
  • Shackleton – Stalker
  • Burial – Versus
  • Digital Mystikz – Anti War Dub
  • Egyptian Lover – Egypt, Egypt
  • Supermayer – Two of Us
  • Disrupt – The Stars My Destination
  • Jeff Sconce – Mellotronia
  • Girder – Appleblim
  • Dennis Brown – Man Next Door
  • Merlene Webber – Hard Life
  • Lethal Bizzle – Police on my Back
  • Cabaret Voltaire – Over and Over
  • Skream – Dub Period
  • Easy Star All Stars – Money
  • Gang of Four – To Hell With Poverty
  • Psychic TV – Ov Power
  • Egyptian Lover – What Is A D.J. If He Can’t Scratch
  • Psychic TV – Always Is Always
  • controlfreak – One For Sorrow
  • Pinch – Qawwali
  • Coil – Lorca not Orca
  • Tay Zonday ‘Chocolate Rain’ vs Steve Reich ‘Electric Counterpoint’
  • DJ Lunch Boy – Shouting at 18 Musicians (Tears for Fears vs Steve Reich)
  • Psychic TV – Clouds Over Water

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