The Greatest Show is Science

I love this video from Symphony of Science – classic stuff with Dawkins, Attenborough and co. and a different take from the space ones. I wish John D. Boswell would take on archaeology next – that’s not only full of wonderful clips, I think it would make a great video!

When people make all those strange allegations and ludicrous claims against remix and sample media, I don’t think they are thinking of such creative and beautiful uses as this – I don’t see how anyone can be upset about this sort of remixing? And it makes science fun! Now who’s going to explain string theory and the rules of football in a remix song? Anyone?

And for the Americans, here’s his Mr Rogers mashup which is a sweet tribute to the man, and fittingly was asked to do it by PBS and approved by the Fred Rogers company! Apparently there are more on the way, so good new…

Fleetwood Mix – Fleetwood Mac mashup LP

Finally I present to you ‘Fleetwood Mix’ – the Fleetwood Mac mashup album (it changed from an EP to a short LP in the last few hours, literally!) with tracks by DJ BC (current Bootie Top 10 Exclusive!), Celebrity Murder Party, LeeDM101, DJ FOX, RIAA, 10000 Spoons and myself, remixing the hits new and old in the 30+ year career of Fleetwood Mac. Musically the mashups and remixes range from glam rock, rap, house, dubstep, children’s records and ambient!

I thought this would never see the day, so it’s good to finally have it for you – you can download the tracks below or the full zip with larger artwork on Mediafire and failing that – and only if the link is down – you can download it direct from my server. Keep in mind though if you hammer/spread this link I will take it down again as it nearly nuked the server last time!

EDIT: I spruced up ‘Go Your Own Steinway’ which is basically a new version (new intro and speech samples, better production etc.) and uploaded it on the 22nd October, and remastered ‘White Witch Dub’ – so you might want to redownload these :-D Also you can still get the later ‘Dubmatic’ version of White Witch Dub over at the Instamatic site or see the video here.

  1. dj BC – Everybody’s Everyday Girl (Fleetwood Mac vs Snoop Dogg vs Kanye West vs Q-Tip vs Capleton)
  2. Celebrity Murder Party -  Glam Manalishi (remix)
  3. 10000 Spoons – Big Low Love (FM vs Flo Rida vs Hardnoise)
  4. RIAA – Babar’s Tusk (children’s record vs FM)
  5. DJ FOX – Hypnotized Gypsy (Akon vs FM)
  6. Instamatic – White Witch Dub (Skream vs FM – unreleased original version – Dubmatic video)
  7. LeeDM101 – Never Make Me Cry (Man Sized Mix)
  8. Instamatic – Go Your Own Steinway (Eric Prydz vs FM)

Edit – it’s now also available on Fairtilizer and 5 of the tracks are also over on Soundcloud.

Kutiman remixing YouTube

When I talk about someone remixing YouTube you’ll probably roll your eyes and say ‘I’ve seen that before.’ – well maybe not like this.

Kutiman takes all the acapellas, demos, gear tests, people showing off their skills which there are millions of in YouTube – and a bit like the Napster Nuggets aka Mic In Tracks of old, makes a new track from them:

An amazing mix, and apparently there is an album of these but it’s been nuked by the attention – hope it comes back soon, I really dig this video and would love to see it and the others in hi-res – but it seems quite a few of them have already made it on to YouTube.

More like this 4:20 tune (check out the white rasta :-):

And proof you can go all dnb on our asses with stuff like this:

Let’s rewind like it’s 1989 (and 1979 and 1999)!

Want to hear Little Boots covering Freddie Mercury?
Amiina (Sigur Ros’s string section, played on RC in the past) covering OMD?
Au Revoir Simone covering one of my favourite ELO songs (Here is the News)
AC Slater, probably the best remixer atm outside of Jackbeats remixing Prodigy?
Bonde de Role doing Pigbag?
Young Punx doing Clapping Song?
Nightwaves doing Phil Collins?
Good Books and Freezepop doing Yazoo?
JoolsMF remixing Gwen McCrae (heard good things about this from a mutual friend, and he’s a regular on Radio Clash).

Buffet Libre, who produced those excellent 80’s covers and remixes by modern bands from last year that I ‘rinsed’ like crazy on Radio Clash and my DJing online and off, have done it again – Buffet Libre Rewind 2.

Only listened to a few off the front page but already it’s HIGHLY recommended by me – highlights are the aforementioned current goldenboy of remixes AC Slater with his remix of The Prodigy (looks like the 80’s rule has been relaxed somewhat) and Bonde de Role’s funk carioca take on Pigbag

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