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June 7 /

I love this video from Symphony of Science – classic stuff with Dawkins, Attenborough and co. and a different take from the space ones. I wish John D. Boswell would take on archaeology next – that’s not only full of…

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October 19 /

Finally I present to you ‘Fleetwood Mix’ – the Fleetwood Mac mashup album (it changed from an EP to a short LP in the last few hours, literally!) with tracks by DJ BC (current Bootie Top 10 Exclusive!), Celebrity Murder…

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March 6 /

When I talk about someone remixing YouTube you’ll probably roll your eyes and say ‘I’ve seen that before.’ – well maybe not like this. Kutiman takes all the acapellas, demos, gear tests, people showing off their skills which there are…

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January 5 /