VJing at Kleptonite 10th November & new Burn Yr Radio video

New video for this old Radio Gaga vs Open Up & Burn Hollywood Burn mashup of mine to publicise my first ever proper VJ gig at Kleptonite on the 10th November at the Britannia in Hackney, it’s free!.

I still love the Mistah Pok original video for this, but needed a HQ one to play out and also found the Leftfield video in high quality. Got the idea to do this mixing in live video mixing some of the old 1950s clips over the original video. I hope you like this, there’s much more where this came from quite a few videos I’ve done or redone especially for the set, featuring mashups, other remixes and original tunes too. Come along if you’re in London!

Oh and nearly forgot – you can still download Burn Yr Radio here.

More bad news – RIP Lloyd Brevett & MCA

(Skatalites – Nimrod which has been completely scrubbed off YouTube. Odd.)

Hmm after Nitro Deluxe the bad news keeps on coming, it always comes in threes…one you probably don’t know and the other you do.

Of course everyone’s talking about the death of Adam Yauch aka MCA of the Beastie Boys – I’m sure as all the Beasties loved an eclectic range of music he wouldn’t mind me first talking about Lloyd Brevett of the Skatalites who sadly died of a stroke a few weeks after the tragic shooting of his son. Skatalites are up there with the best in ska, and backed up a lot of tracks under other people’s names, and are quite well sampled – take a listen to Nimrod, you’ll recognise it. Sadly that leaves one of the original Skatalites left, their drummer Lloyd Knibb died last year.

I’m probably the wrong person to talk about MCA or the Beasties, but their influence on mashups is undeniable through the Paul’s Boutique album, which along with the classics from Public Enemy and The Bomb Squad and 3 Feet High and Rising from De La Soul really pushed sampling onto the map. And likewise that debt was repaid with the likes of the Beastles from djbc and many other mashup productions out there – in fact you’d be hard pressed to find any mashup producer who hasn’t done at least one Beasties bootleg. They were really good at releasing acapellas and instrumentals knowing what remix/DJ culture they came from, which is surprisingly rare.

RC 216: Pop Is Dead 1 – Radio Musicola

I started the Pop Is Dead mix back in 2004 or 2005 – yes 7 or 8 years in the making! Finally got round to doing it, and I’ve collected so many songs about the music industry that I decided to do a series of shows about the State of the Music Industry – starting with my favourite subject: radio and especially the dumbing down and computerised playlists of music stations. Starting with the commercial and local stations in the 70’s and 80’s was  the rise of the playlist and the DJ not having track selection choice.

Now in the digital age we have the same repetitive stale format being copied endlessly by corporate megaliths and the music being as disposable as the products advertised between the songs, safe ‘classics’ and golden oldies, inane chatter and local radio blether.

And sadly it’s spread to the non-commercial BBC stations so Radio 1, 2 et al are also playlist/genre crazy and ruled by producers and committee. The last of the truly freeform DJs are being sacked, have died or are on digital stations or relegated to very late night on public broadcasters who have to have the odd token cred DJ – John Peel would spin in his grave. And sadly the music industry is complicit – feeding lazy X-Factor slush and corporate blandie to these playlists. Radio 1 originally and 1Xtra now might exist to provide an alternative to the pirates, but really it mostly doesn’t cut it.

So here’s an audio fight back against the playlist and dumb music radio programming (this is why the podcast is called Radio Clash – did you guess?) with a lot of interruptions from bad commercials, subverted jingles, George Carlin, Victor Lewis Smith, Whispering Bob Harris, Chris Morris and loads of hiss…

The One And Only One for You… (2:05 112Mb)


Mutant Pop volume 3 – 2003 Eve of Mashtruction?

Well by the looks of the cover (which took me the longest of the series, and is the shittest, thus proving that maxim – I did model the 3D myself though) I was going for a B-movie vibe, which if Zombie Kylie and Vampire Pink are anything to go by it could be true, although the undead hordes of Missy and Eminem bootlegs seem to have mostly stampeded past apart from the inclusion of the 2001 classic Fondue Meltdown bootleg, a staple of my sets since that time also and predictably the backlash Missy and Eminem spoofs. This was The Rise of the Silly Bootlegs with the likes of Freelance Hairdresser being the first spoof mashup superstar, and might have inspired a certain DJ NoNo *cough* to continue their extremely silly work. Oh and the Clash mashup obsession started here…

One of the tracks I still love on this is the Ludacris vs Kylie, which was one of the first whitelabels I found online (as a Mic-In track, so for years never knew who did it!) and talking of Mic-In (finding snippets of default titled audio and speech shared by accident on Audiogalaxy – oh those were more innocent/scary times…) Stark Effect’s Bunny Rabbits, Satan, Milk & Cheese is an absurd wonder to behold, if you’ve never heard it or even if you have…Also you can hear a few people moving beyond pop sources, like X.Pol, or Braces Tower. Never found out who did that Electrelane boot, though.

Mutant Pop Three (mediafire)


  1. Osymyso / On Osymyso! No?
  2. Freelance Hairdresser / One Minute Marioland (Mario vs Missy)
  3. Mcsleazy / Forget deeper noise (Patrice Rushen vs Madonna vs Public Enemy)
  4. Ultra396 / Ultra396 – Public Dance Floor (Sophie Ellis Bextor vs Public Enemy)
  5. The Unknown / Can’t lick you outta my bed (Ludacris vs Kylie)
  6. Go Home Productions / Beyonce Vs Jimi Hendrix
  7. Stark Effect / Summer survivor (Destiny’s Child vs LFO –no the other one)
  8. Braces Tower / Original Cold Scrubs (The Streets vs Coldplay vs TLC)
  9. Go Home Productions / Oasis are Gaye (Sexual Wonderwall) (Marvin Gaye vs Oasis)
  10. Go Home Productions / Making Plans For Vinyl (Tweet vs XTC)
  11. Go Home Productions / Little do you know your rights (Clash vs Liberty X)
  12. Ultra396 / Rock the Party (Clash vs Pink)
  13. Freelance hairdresser / Marshall’s been snookered…(Eminem vs Snooker Rag)
  14. X.Pol / Soul2soul vs Billie Holliday
  15. Fondue Meltdown / Get Your Beats On (Missy Elliot vs Beats International)
  16. Bittersoundfoundation / JustBgood2roxy   (Beats International vs Roxy Music)
  17. Magic Cornflake / Close to women    (Cure vs Destiny’s Child)
  18. Ultra396 / No Lullaby   (Cure vs TLC)
  19. Has film music come to this    (Electrelane vs The Streets)
  20. Stark Effect / The Inertia is Mine   (Massive Attack vs Brandy & Monica)
  21. Stark effect / Bunny rabbits, satan, cheese & milk
  22. Freelance Hairdresser / Marshall’s Been Done To Death  (Eminem vs The World)

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