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November 9 /

https://soundcloud.com/ingredients/dead-mans-mixtape Harking back to the Pirate Radio sound of the early 90’s (shout outs to Fire* and KoolFM!) is this jungle-tastic mix by Dead Man’s Chest. I thought I’d checked out DMC before, but somehow had missed his recent EPs…

June 12 /
March 25 /

Listening to ‘On The Run’ – a documentary about London Pirate Radio from the closure of the pirate ships in 1967 to the opening of the first commercial radio stations in 1973, made at the time it’s a fascinating piece…

March 24 /

Preparing for a new show I stumbled across these films of the original pirates satellites – the offshore broadcasting Pirate Radio ships and forts such as Radio Caroline, Radio London, Radio 270, the fort radio stations of Radio 390, Radio Invicta, Radio City, and Radio Essex aka Sealand – and the most dramatic of all – Radio North Sea International, which survived attacks, fire bombings, Government jamming, political activism (note from the video above they got sold out by the Conservatives too!) and the inevitable anchor failings – there’s even an interview with John Peel at the end of this edited highlights of ‘The Show Must Go on’ which is very pertinent to Radio Clash’s manifesto of being basically a one-person radio station, of sorts: