RC 270: Pop Is Dead #5 – Moneygoround

Fifth instalment of the Pop Is Dead series, all about the dirty, dirty cash in the music industry, with occasional interruptions from Steve Albini and The Story of Pop. The finale will be next week.

Get the money, Mr. Potato, Get the money, Pay the Eskimo… (163Mb, 2:02)

  • Doxa Sinistra – Call Now!
  • The Kinks – The Moneygoround
  • DJ Drama & Dead Prez – The Game Is A Battlefield
  • Dead Kennedys – Pull My Strings
  • Consolidated – Industry Corporate
  • Futuristic Sex Robots – Fuck The MPAA
  • Strange Parcels – Disconnection
  • Semi-Not – Disco Communist
  • Dan Bull – Home Taping Is Killing Music
  • Black Sweden – Ain’t Talking About Love / Money Money Money
  • The Pop Group – We Are All Prostitutes
  • Nick Lowe – Music for Money
  • Dead Prez – W-4
  • Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip – Thou Shalt Always Kill (Sibot Remix)
  • Bono talking about Negativland U2 case
  • TC – Where’s My Money (Clipz Remix)
  • Ini Kamoze – Pirate
  • Negativland – Please Don’t Sue Us
  • Kiki & Herb – The Revolution Medley: The Revolution Will Not Be Televised/Lose Yourself/Once In A Lifetime
  • Goran Bregovic – Get the Money (by Iggy Pop)
  • National Lampoon – Won’t You Buy My Record (Dr John Parody)
  • Nina Simone – What Have They Done To My Song Ma? (Previously Unreleased)
  • TV Themes – Basil Brush In The Studio
  • Phil Ochs – Chord of Fame
  • Pet Shop Boys – Your Early Stuff
  • Negativland – Keep Your Evenings Free
  • Culturcide – Color My World with Pigs
  • The Frogs – I Only Play for Money

rc_270 alternative cover

(Money image from StockMonkeys.com, Creative Commons Attribution Generic)

RC 217: Rehearsals for Retirement

A really long show since I’ve not done one for a while, and a quite a ranty/angry/noisy one putting the world to wrong. It’s not exactly an Aural pOddities show, but parts come close. As the imagery also suggests, it shared a little in part with the Freak Folk Wicker Man  shows, too.

Photo is one I took near Staines, as part of my recent riverwalks which I’ve started for the year (well did until it started raining!) glitched around by me.

Genocide & Juice on the Rocks please (2h34, 150Mb)

  • Orbital – New France (Feat. Zola Jesus)
  • Material feat. Nona Hendryx – Busting Out (12” Extended Mix)
  • Street Sweeper Social Club – Promenade (Guitar Fury Remix)
  • Spacemen 3 – Revolution
  • Comus – Song To Comus
  • Amon Tobin – Shut Down
  • itchy-O – Inferno No Corridor (thanks to Mr Fab over at Music For Maniacs)
  • Spacemen 3 – Suicide
  • Soundhog – Whole Lotta Helter Skelter [Led Zeppelin vs The Beatles]
  • Cymande – Changes
  • Phil Ochs – Rehearsals For Retirement
  • John Holt – Working Kind (Chokin’ Kind)
  • Cymande – The Recluse
  • The Coup – I Know You
  • Beißpony – Mathilda’s Last Summer (from Grrrls Drinking Songs)
  • Silver Apples – Seagreen Serenades
  • Pat MacDonald – Enjoy The Silence
  • The Modern Lovers – Hospital
  • McSleazy – Lost Souls In The Supermarket from London Booted
  • Philip Glass – Molly is a Dreamer (from Theater Music Archive, Vol.I)
  • Henry Cow – Nine Funerals Of The Citizen King
  • The Ballroom – It’s A Sad World
  • The Magnetic Fields – Quick!

I would be in exile now but everywhere’s the same

Loving Phil Ochs music at the moment, and just watched There But For Fortune documentary about his life, and this song just resonates especially the lines about ‘I would be in exile now, but everywhere’s the same’ and ‘But every town I wander there’s a billboard on a throne’ about commercialisation, globalisation and alienation. I do think Phil Ochs was far better than Dylan, especially for political songwriting, and Phil never gave up the cause to become a pop star.

Sadly only a cover is on YouTube but this is a good one by AlbionDavid.

Also I’ve been reading watching a lot about Chicago 1968, Chile 1973 and Nicaragua in the 1980’s – seems a lot of the ills of modern times come from these events. Not in the events themselves, but the lack of outcry after, where governments learned they could use propaganda, killing, infiltration and division to keep people from asking the right questions. It amazes me that after it was known about the US involvement in the overthrow of the regime in Chile, or the Iran Contra affair, or that people believed Mayor Daley was doing the right thing in Chicago that people if they did complain were not heard, and a lot of people just ignored it and kept right on going. A mass sort of blindness, one of which we still have today from the Antiwar marches of the early 00s to the ignorance of any disagreement over possible war in Iran.

This is in modern times when the selective deafness started, and a modern COINTELPRO campaign to discredit all who disagreed as ‘domestic terrorists’ which still seems to be in place today. That to me is what Strummer was saying with ‘Remember Victor Jara’ – not just what happened to him, but how he got into the stadium in Santiago, and more damningly the silence and lack of interest after.

Maybe Phil Ochs was right, maybe that total disillusionment in that the war is never won, that people don’t really care if others are killed in some far off land, as long as they get cheap oil? I’d like to think better of humanity, that they do care, although the fact repeatedly many have looked the other way gets more damning as time goes on – that’s why I connect with Phil Ochs, I really understand those last battle-weary personal albums, where he asks ‘Are these the end times?’ ‘Is it worth it?’ and simply states ‘no more songs’.

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