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December 2 /

It seems every few years someone comes along and claims that not only did they and only they fashion podcasting in their own image, but that the revolution is finally here, and the money will fall from heaven shortly. The…

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June 13 /

What’s with the black and white & glitter early cinema feel in music videos? Here’s another one! Still love this song and album, but now with a great video, with Alan’s sarcastic Thunderbirds motions (for a while I was wondering…

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January 20 /

From The Poke’s favourite 200 images of last year. Love also ‘Radio Hit in 1988 Commands Irrationally Loyal Fanbase’ and ‘We Get NPR Airplay So Fuck You’. So true!

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September 8 /

When Apple launched podcasting as part of iTunes in February 2005 (creating the second wave of podcasters, fact fans) it seemed a victory for user-generated content, the new media vs gatekeeper approved old media – Hollywood and the big broadcasters.…

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