21 Songs for John Peel

In a few weeks it will be 10 years since the unfortunate death of John Peel. So it seems totally appropriate that there is a new compilation remembering John Peel from Unwashed Territories including a new 2014 drum and bass version of The Nation Needs You by Cuban Boys and new and rare tracks from Christ, Solex, Cinerama, Wedding Present, Half Man Half Biscuit, Cornershop, various members of Hefner, Paul Hartnoll and many more. It even has sleevenotes via a pdf, and was compiled by Mark Whitby from Dandelion Radio.

And it’s FREE! (via Christ.)

Viv Stanshall’s Radio Flashes

Ooh look what just popped up on my computer (thank you Get iPlayer and PVR, yes Stanshall and Radiophonic search terms are always on scan), the BBC are replaying 3 episodes of what I presume the only high-quality versions they have of Viv Stanshall’s Radio Flashes, which was when he stood in for John Peel on Top Gear. I think he originally did 4 and a Christmas special which was Rawlinson’s End themed, I think.

Sounds like they’ve remastered them, or at least replaced the music with high quality versions, so good for you Bonzos fans out there, you have 3 days to listen to the first episode, so hurry! (unless you use Get iPlayer)

Those outside the UK I suggest investing in a good VPN with UK servers.

Infinite radio & the shadow people

Brendan from Infinite radio & the shadow people sent these over to me, I guess demos/rough mixes for their next album, and there’s something very primal, dark and interesting about these – certainly the noises are up my street, mining that dark vein of psychdelic rock/gothabilly and more harder/post rock. This is very much the dirty rough, raw garage/psych rock and roll that John Peel loved, and not sure many people are playing this on the radio anymore? Which is sad, since there’s a big revival in these genres at the moment…I don’t mean the kind of polite Horrors or Arctic Monkeys psych/rockabilly excursions, I mean something much darker, rawer and less commercial. So maybe this kind of garage will make a comeback too (I already correctly called the return of speed garage of the house sort ;-).

Someone get them on a tour with The Wytches, stat!

And if you like these, give them some love over at their Bandcamp where their previous album is pay what you want – more polished in production but very much that primal sound.

The NoMen On E

I love this – partly because the first thing you hear is one of the old sounds from an old Casio SA-1 (ours was called Garfield, random fact fans!) but also the KLF Chill Out meets psych Spacemen 3 style drone rock and kids toys in Space ‘Magic Fly’ costumes, how could you not like this? The full version is apparently on EarSpook radio.

Heard about The NoMen via the very cool Active Listening free compilation which was posted by Ian Fondue who’s a big fan of the label, their track R-A-D-I-O is a must for Peel fans, I think (sounds like his voice on there, from the old school Radio London days).

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