Beamz meanz lulz

After this frankly cringeworthy Flo-Rida Beamz advert, I found this earlier video, with less ‘cool’ factor, same product, and some cheeky imp added some alternate music (Ligeti? John Zorn? John Oswald I think…someone after my own heart!)

If you’re going to wave your hand around, get a Theremin, harder to play but you could get some expression in there, with the non-toy versions at least. Whereas this is the same league as Bontempi organs, stylophones, Optigans, Tronichords et al with their usually unfulfilled promise of musical mastery in minutes.

Captain Obvious Strikes!

New mashup – totally completely fucking captain obvious and the most cheesy mashup I’ve done as inspired by FAROFF’s Dead or Alive vs Lady Gaga ‘Telephone’ mash, this is Right Round by Flo Rida ft Ke$ha vs Lady Gaga’s ‘Bad Romance’ – so completely obvious and surprised no-one has done it before (maybe they have?) hence Captain Obvious.

Right Gaga (Flo Rida ft Ke$ha vs Lady Gaga)

EDIT: I’ve tweaked this with advice from the wonderful Voicedude so it’s even better and less clashy in the choruses so please redownload this version…aint close-harmonied chorus/autotune a bitch?

Fleetwood Mix – Fleetwood Mac mashup LP

Finally I present to you ‘Fleetwood Mix’ – the Fleetwood Mac mashup album (it changed from an EP to a short LP in the last few hours, literally!) with tracks by DJ BC (current Bootie Top 10 Exclusive!), Celebrity Murder Party, LeeDM101, DJ FOX, RIAA, 10000 Spoons and myself, remixing the hits new and old in the 30+ year career of Fleetwood Mac. Musically the mashups and remixes range from glam rock, rap, house, dubstep, children’s records and ambient!

I thought this would never see the day, so it’s good to finally have it for you – you can download the tracks below or the full zip with larger artwork on Mediafire and failing that – and only if the link is down – you can download it direct from my server. Keep in mind though if you hammer/spread this link I will take it down again as it nearly nuked the server last time!

EDIT: I spruced up ‘Go Your Own Steinway’ which is basically a new version (new intro and speech samples, better production etc.) and uploaded it on the 22nd October, and remastered ‘White Witch Dub’ – so you might want to redownload these :-D Also you can still get the later ‘Dubmatic’ version of White Witch Dub over at the Instamatic site or see the video here.

  1. dj BC – Everybody’s Everyday Girl (Fleetwood Mac vs Snoop Dogg vs Kanye West vs Q-Tip vs Capleton)
  2. Celebrity Murder Party -  Glam Manalishi (remix)
  3. 10000 Spoons – Big Low Love (FM vs Flo Rida vs Hardnoise)
  4. RIAA – Babar’s Tusk (children’s record vs FM)
  5. DJ FOX – Hypnotized Gypsy (Akon vs FM)
  6. Instamatic – White Witch Dub (Skream vs FM – unreleased original version – Dubmatic video)
  7. LeeDM101 – Never Make Me Cry (Man Sized Mix)
  8. Instamatic – Go Your Own Steinway (Eric Prydz vs FM)

Edit – it’s now also available on Fairtilizer and 5 of the tracks are also over on Soundcloud.

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