Coil on the Beach

Through listening to Hawkwind (Space Ritual album which is recommended) – who interestingly also used the EMS VCS3 to disturbing effect – I googled to find out how Del Dettmar could afford one, (answer: they were actually the cheapest synth at the time, still a hefty for then £350, I guess they weren’t totally broke?) I also found this lovely interview with Coil by Matthew Collings in 2001. I guess that must be Thighpaulsandra to the left?

Not exactly sure why they are making sounds on the beach, though. Mind the sand!

Footprints In The Snow

Surprised to find out last night my partner saying that Gymnopedies by Satie was one of his favourite tunes (surprised because he’s such a Wagner/ Handel freak). Me too, along with Debussy…music impressionism, humour, experimentation, tone/texture, ambience and fighting the dominant classical form and experimenting with non-Western scales…what’s not to like? Also most modern soundtrack music owes a debt to both Satie and Debussy, as does all electronic music.

So it’s very appropriate that I’m listening to Snowflakes Are Dancing by Tomita, with this wintery Xmassy cover on it of Footprints In The Snow (Des pas sur la neige), from Debussy’s Preludes. Magical. Mystical. Moogtastic.

EDIT: Tomita covered Charles Ives ‘The Unanswered Question’? LOVE LOVE LOVE. This as I’ve said very many times before, is the song I’d want at my funeral. The question is: what’s on the other side? The nature of existence? What more is there? It’s the classic song for that and also staring into the other dark; the void of space.

60’s chillwave dubtronica

So for those who think their ambient nu-gaze chillwave electronica dubbed out hipster doodles are somehow new (as millennials invented *everything* first dontchano :-P), here’s electronic and lounge pioneer Dick Hyman to school you along with Mary Mayo on vocal theremin duties.

Yes some of this album is dated in a samba/lounge fashion, but this and Moon Gas are light years ahead, and Dick Hyman went onto to create a couple of classic Moog albums in the late 60’s – the bonkers MOOG: The Electric Eclectics of Dick Hyman and The Age of Electronicus. The Minotaur – which sounds something a post-dubstep musician would squeeze out today – actually MADE it into the US Top 40 charts as a B side in 1969 as the first purely electronic pop single – way before Popcorn.

But most people know – even if they don’t think they know – Hyman’s The Moog and Me, as it was sampled on Beck’s album Odelay for ‘Sissyneck’, shame unlike Jean-Jacques Perrey and Fat Boy Slim, that Hyman didn’t get the chart hit love he deserves, he’s still going strong also…weirdly I’ve missed a lot of Hyman’s stuff until the last few years, unlike Gershon Kingsley, Perrey, Raymond Scott, Bruce Haack and the Radiophonic Workshop who have been a heavy part of my life, somehow Hyman never came up like they did?

Shame, I’d have loved this stuff back then – and in fact I already knew some of it via samples!

Touched 2

I tweeted about the first Touched compilation a few weeks back, and Touched Two came out a few days ago. It’s well worth getting as well – not only 255 tracks for £12 which is great value, but all for a good cause (Macmillan Cancer Support charity).

Although a large download I’ve been listening to purely this compilation on and off for days and there are some brilliant tracks from the likes of U-ziq, Zan Lyons, Wisp, Varia, Verbose, X&Trick, Tomonari Nozaki – you can tell I’ve only got as far as the T’s!

The rest of the tracks reads like a Christmas bumper wishlist from those who love IDM/electronica: Orbital, Ulrich Schnauss, FSOL, Gasman, Higher Intelligence Agency, Plaid, FLK, Red Snapper, Richard H. Kirk, Posthuman, Radioactive Man, Ochre, Mr C, Mira Calix, Luke Vibert, Luke Slater, Si Begg, Fil OK, D’Arcangelo, Christ, Ceephax, Brothomstates, Sun Electric, Autechre, B12, but the real beauty of this compilation is you end up hearing and loving tracks by people you have never heard of.

If you like any of those aforementioned acts, or like anything on Warp, Rephlex or those old Trans Europe Express compilations, or minimal, modern classical, ambient, acid, chillwave, techno, then you should get this, you won’t regret it!

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