Dunproofin’s Grate Compilation

Dunproofin’s genius gets a lot of love on the podcast (he did the remix that is the current intro music) and here on the blog, and he’s released a compilation of his 50 best remixes and mashups over the years, called 50 Golden Grates.

It’s not cheesy, it’s full of golden slices of fried gold such as his FU2 Lady Sovereign remix and Casbah Wonder (The Clash vs Stevie Wonder) a regular in my sets for years, Electro Sandman (a remix of Metallica) which I was going to play in Saarbrucken but got beaten to, Groove Is In The Girls (Dee-Lite vs Prodigy), Lily & The Robot (Lily Allen vs Royskopp), Only Mashups Can Break Your Heart (St Etienne, U2 and Bowie), Britney mashups bordering on musical stalking (see Slave To Fashion vs Bowie and Gimme More Pay TV if you don’t believe me, the latter is like a Goblin horror soundtrack!) several I’ve made videos for (Pjanoo Dance (Bowie va Eric Prydz), Reordered (Eric Prydz again with New Order)), some classic E-Jitz madness and two current favourites which I must have missed or might be new: Just Don’t Care (Grandmaster Flash & The Furious 5 vs Corinne Bailey Rae) and Don’t Mess which is Neneh Cherry vs Swedish House Mafia.

And I’ve mirrored the file here so you don’t have to mess with slow filesharing sites! Recommended.

RC 262: The P.G. Show

(Photo by me from Glasto 2014, yes it was muddy. Rest of the Glasto pics)

Post Glasto, Post God and Post Great (War), this accidentally themed show includes Project Flake mashups, the Utopia soundtrack, Heavy Music To Annoy Your Polluting Neighbours Chain Smoking In The Garden, Minneapolis hip hop, summery house and electro, some very unsummery atheist and anti-war indie, and some muddy memories.

Glastonbury Gave Me The Wellies (190Mb, 2:23)

  • John Lewis (thelondonpianist.co.uk) – Kraftwerk Tour de France for Cockney Piano
  • BABYMETAL × キバオブアキバ – Ii ne!
  • The Cramps – TV Set
  • Ministry – Golden Dawn
  • Kaiser Chiefs – Cannons
  • Cristobal Tapia de Veer – Utopia Finale
  • Chaos A.D. – Psultan (Squarepusher Mix)
  • MIDNITEMEN – B.O.B. (MIDNITEMIX) Ft Outkast X the Knife
  • DJ NoNo – 99 Polkas (And A Ballet Aint One) Jay-Z vs Squeezettes
  • DJ Rola Cola – 99 Sides to the Story
  • Gimpbiscuit – SuperMario99
  • Lizzo – Bus Passes and Happy Meals
  • Merry Clayton – Southern Man
  • Electronic – The Patience Of A Saint
  • Granada Personnel Recovery – Granada Personnel Recovery
  • Para One – You Too
  • Lizzo – W.E.R.K., Part II
  • Nadus – Nxwxrk (RL Grime Edit)
  • Dfender – 99 Nena + Jay Z (Dfender Bootleg)
  • XTC – Summer’s Cauldron
  • Freddie Fustercluck – Ambient Red Problems (Nena, Jay-Z, Microsoft Anna)
  • Cristobal Tapia de Veer – Meditative Chaos
  • Ticklish – Boards Of Canada – Nothing Is Real (Ticklish Edit)
  • Merry Clayton – Room 205
  • Lana Del Rey – Old Money
  • Cristobal Tapia de Veer – Where Is Jessica Hyde?
  • T. Rex – Life’s a Gas
  • Fleetwood Mac – Dust
  • XTC – Dear God
  • Grandaddy – So You’ll Aim Toward The Sky

London Judgmental Map

BabyLondon Judgemental Map by Tim B (Click to make bigger)

I loved Judgmental Maps but thought the London one could be better – and was challenged by Judgmental Maps to do better. So after far too many hours, here’s mine. Most proud of the sneaky Willie Rushton, Shaun of the Dead, Carter USM and Fall references, renaming that silly Cable Car ‘Boris’s Dangleberry’ and Boris Bike Circus (Regent’s Park is a kind of Boris Bike test track). And for the record – worst place on the planet is Gypsy Hill. Went there once, it was closed.

I won’t be responsible for any offence caused, these things are meant to be snarky and generalisations :-P But it is based off my own experience living and working here for 15 years…although I have worked and visited most places around London, I seem to have holes around Brentford/Greenford to the West, and a hole to the South East (Eltham/Welling etc), and north-east of Tottenham Hale. I must say from what I know, I don’t think I’ve missed much…

The other Radio Clash – Joe Strummer & Clash on air

On Christmas Day the remaining members of The Clash got together to do a show called Radio Clash (no I don’t mind fellas, really…plagiarism is the first form of flattery etc :-p ;-). It’s really good but of course will only be up for a few days.

As part of that 6Music is repeating some of Joe Strummer’s London Calling shows originally for BBC World Service. Long time readers will of course hav these as I’ve posted them in the past at varying quality but if you want them at lovely BBC quality I’d bet it’d be worth ripping or listening to these!

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