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October 2 /

Dunproofin’s genius gets a lot of love on the podcast (he did the remix that is the current intro music) and here on the blog, and he’s released a compilation of his 50 best remixes and mashups over the years,…

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July 13 /

(Photo by me from Glasto 2014, yes it was muddy. Rest of the Glasto pics) Post Glasto, Post God and Post Great (War), this accidentally themed show includes Project Flake mashups, the Utopia soundtrack, Heavy Music To Annoy Your Polluting…

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April 27 /

(Click to make bigger) I loved Judgmental Maps but thought the London one could be better – and was challenged by Judgmental Maps to do better. So after far too many hours, here’s mine. Most proud of the sneaky Willie…

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December 29 /