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October 27 /

Every once in a while I bump into ‘artists’ (and I use that term loosely, quite often they are corporate shills, indie chancers or pretty new to the industry) who defend copyright laws, extensions and corporates. Happened again recently…What I…

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August 11 /

OK, DMCA and Cease and Desist as a mashup artist are inevitable, but I think this wins the award for the most stupid I’ve received. Digital Millennium Copyright Act allows anyone to file a claim, and pull a file down…

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June 21 /
January 14 /

I’ve been keeping tabs on the whole NirGaGa Saga, where DJ Lobsterdust‘s Nirvana vs Lady Gaga got a Cease and Desist recently from EMI, as well as Bootie for putting it on their Best of Bootie 2009 CD. I’ll let…

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