GYBO/Bastard Interviews

Inspired by my GYBO RIP show (well that’s what C-Tel told my anyway ;-) his Acid Ted blog is interviewing all the legendary Bastard/GYBO crowd from the early days – he’s already had great interviews with Ben Soundhog (part 1 and part 2), Frenchbloke (part 1 & part 2) Andy Dunproofin (part 1 and part 2) and most recently Mike Cartel of Cartel Communique – wha ran the legendary King Of The Boots and Bastard nights that kicked off this whole mashup (then bastard pop or bootleg) scene so many years ago.

King of the Boots was too early for me but I was a part of Bastard’s sweaty wonderful nonsense and can attest of their brilliance – and like Soundhog & Mike states, a lot of the ‘career’ and money/business side is what eventually killed it – a bit like podcasting did at around the same time with Apple and iTunes, you had the likes of MTV & big media muscling in and it all got a little nasty and strange. At the time those (who aren’t seen for dust now) who wanted to ‘monetize’ their mashups, nights and podcasts thought it strange and we were being intentionally ‘indie’ and jealous of their ‘success’. I think in both spheres, mashup and podcast, that the originators still have a love for it and support it in the main is testament to what we were trying to do, and that we all had a different and more radical ideas of a possible future in mind. Putting money to that seemed to profane the messy, chaotic, lo-fi, impossible and illegal wondrousness of it all.

Like the best Bootleg Party. Ever.

It’s GYBO (the bootleg board)’s 5th birthday and Holestar and co. have arranged a free party for it’s members in the east end of London on Saturday August 18th. Bootleggers coming from all over the world to see this one and play. Many regulars to the Radio Clash playlist are either playing or are going to be there, including quite a few that have been interviewed or hosted the show in the past. I’ll be there also, but you can’t have everything…;-)

Check out the DJ list!:

The Freelance Hellraiser
Cartel Communique
Eve Massacre
Poj Masta
Pirate Soundsystem
Deep Disco Force

So check out the thread here (you have to be registered) and speak to Holestar if you want to go (NOTE: it’s guestlist only).

And Pilchard, John Shed and Who Boys are going, we can only hope they don’t sink the boat…

Radio Clash 106: Long Distance / French Bastard

French Bastard Flyer by DJ Zebra
French Bastard flyer by DJ Zebra

Interviews from French Bastard at 93 Feet East with Comar, Totom, Who Boys and John Sheddus Interruptus, and with Cartel Communique aka Mike and Johnny, promoters of Bastard spill the beans about the new venue, Cartel Chaos and even Le Secrets d’Bastard!In between play loads of great mashups and tunes you have to hear…first Libsyn podcast also! YAY! No restrictions! RIOT! No annoying redirect also…Ou et le plume d’me t’ante or sumfink: (95mins, 73Mb)


  • Pulp – The Fear (from This is Hardcore)
  • team9 – Big School
  • DJ Schmolli – When Will I Be Supermassive
  • Prince – Poplife (Fresh Dance mix)
  • Who Boys – Friends Stuck in Chemicals
  • Totom – Feel Good Devil
  • Interview pt2 with Who Boys & Totom & Comar
  • lairy poppins – When Will I Be Famous
  • Cheapy D – Ass vs Tetris
  • bangers & mash – Billie Dan
  • Celebrity Murder Party – Superstitious Joelene
  • Lance Lockarm – Wouldn’t it be Ecstasy?
  • team9 – Swan Together
  • Roxy Music – Bitter’s End (from For Your Pleasure)

Radio Clash : Hectic Eclectic party report

Jeb £50 Note singing
Jeb singing live at Hectic Eclectic 

Wow that WAS a blast! Quite a few people came, a mix of bears and bootleg people (bearlegs? bootbears? err…) including Kirk, James (along with Kirk one of my oldest friends), Steve Holy13Nation, Scott from NightNurse, Ben Jamin, Holestar, Ian Fondue, Ben Goldrun, Robb Idiotech, loads of people :-D

I played a reasonable set, mostly mashups but also a lot of the original tunes I played in podcast #95, but Jeb’s was FANTASTIC and his live stuff (MORE COWBELL!) of his own tunes really surprised people and they loved it (going to try and work out as a result how I can get more live stuff on, it really works).

It’s been great to see Jeb and we’re recording podcasts together with Scott today so you’ll hear all about it I reckon!

Then Cartel Communique do what they do best – which is rocking the house til the early morn with a fanatic small crowd til 3am (!) I went on and finished the night, initially wrecking the dancefloor (oops) but played classics like ‘I want your Love’ and ‘Geno’ and got them boogying along, finishing on Metalium’s ‘Thank You For the Music’ and ELO’s ‘Mr Blue Sky’ (of course! A perfect way to end a night).

And and people liked the video projections, had Ulysses, Charlie Brown, Day of the Triffids and Children of the Stones for me, Breakfast Club and Hardware Wars for Jeb, and Hoff videos, Night of the Comet and High Fidelity for Cartel!
So thanks to all who came, the DJs and special thanks go to the now dubbed Rich’s Uncle who was an older geezer dancing flamboyantly and kissing people’s heads (classic! Cartel seem to inspire such beautiful madness) and Greg, Kirk and Trevor who helped on the door – especially Trevor as he was a member who happened to be there, became a convert and offered to do the door later on.

You’re a star!

I kept being asked ‘are you doing another one?’ so I suppose I have to :-D

Photos here

People dancing!
People danced! Here’s the proof! 

the Bearzes
Invasion of the Bearzes 

Cartel Johnny does a happy mashup hoedown 

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