Where were you on 72? What Girl Talk SHOULD sound like.


Yes it’s finally here – 72, the pass-the-parcel mashup project, inspired by our very own Boot in 60 Seconds has reached 72 minutes and is thus finished!

72This is basically what Girl Talk SHOULD sound like, done by people who actually understand mashups rather than spending more time on their haircut. Cue Girl Talk lovin’ haterz ;-) Bring it on! Anyway 72 has the same sort of 30 seconds-and-it’s-gone hyper-ritalin ADD and ‘remember this?’ nostalgia silliness and madness, but most of it by and large works far better than 99.999% of mixes in this genre.

Includes remixage from:

Lee Spoons, Instamatic (tis me!), World Famous Audio Hacker, Celebrity Murder Party, Eddie Pedalo, pomDeter, Irn Mnky, RadioFace, JamieCG74, GaraGara and MadMixMustang.

Each mashup artist had 72 hours to complete their section, and it features contributions by yours truly. Go give it love over at GYBO or download it here. Thanks to 10000 Spoons for hosting, Pomdeter for the idea and great artwork and Pom and Eddie Peddlecar for mix-wrangling and organising a great project!

Boot in 60, now 72


Nearly 5 years ago I thought Boot in 60 (well more Boot in 30) would never get finished, let alone help inspire another project, but both has happened. Eddie Pedalo aka mastertronic had a similar idea to Boot in 60, hence myself releasing it to foolishly show him the whole utter futility of the whole idea. :-P Well weirdly it had the opposite effect, and so thought sod it, if you can’t beat ‘em then join ‘em and got involved. ;-)

Now it’s called 72, referring to the 72 hours ie. 3 days to create your piece…it’s already on part 7 – check out the great part by Lee Spoons.

It’s interesting watching the whole (much faster and most likely better organised!) procedure now, the new(er) media and file sharing make something like this much easier. Back in the day (grandad!) the whole FTP thing just added days or weeks to the whole thing, as people struggled with my FTP server and their clients, whereas online sharing, email without tiny file limits and Mediafire/Divshare I bet just make it far easier.

Well that’s what I’m telling myself as they roar over the 10 minute mark ;-)

Still looking for people to ‘play’ and get involved, so contact Eddie via this thread on GYBO I guess is the best.

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