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October 17 /

A wonderful short film from co-directors Andrew Coats and Lou Hamou-Lhadj who as well as working on Brave, The Good Dinosaur and Inside Out at Pixar also made their own film. It goes way beyond what you’d expect from an…

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September 25 /

Today is all about the original demo of Public Enemy #1 by Public Enemy from 1984 (!). Chuck D talks about in on, it’s genesis from a JB’s track, the intro, getting big on WBAU radio, Rick Rubin and…

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August 29 /
August 29 /

A thread about novelty songs brought me to Freezing Cold in 89 Twoso, Mike Reid’s closest he ever came to a Krautrock hiphop avant-garde new-wave disco knees up. It’s still a record I’d DJ if someone went ‘but all novelty…

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