Donuts the Movie

Someone has created a 44 min video for the whole of the J Dilla Donuts album, it’s a little bit random in places but my favourite bit so far is inevitably Lightworks because Raymond Scott & Tomorrow People intro, but love the earlier bits with Aristocats, the Jacksons, and the very moody bit with Dionne Warwick during ‘Stop’.

Makes me sad he died so young, because imagine all the VJ and video scratching gear we have now – can you imagine what J Dilla could do with that? (via Ian Fondue)

Coil on the Beach

Through listening to Hawkwind (Space Ritual album which is recommended) – who interestingly also used the EMS VCS3 to disturbing effect – I googled to find out how Del Dettmar could afford one, (answer: they were actually the cheapest synth at the time, still a hefty for then £350, I guess they weren’t totally broke?) I also found this lovely interview with Coil by Matthew Collings in 2001. I guess that must be Thighpaulsandra to the left?

Not exactly sure why they are making sounds on the beach, though. Mind the sand!

Happy Birthday Speech Synthesis

Around 40 years ago, Forrest S. Mozer created the first Integrated Circuit speech synthesiser, modelled on his voice, and licensed it to a company creating instruments for blind people. But you’ll more likely recognise it as the voices in Berzerk and later sampled in the Stakker track ‘Humanoid’. Ploque are plugging a new plugin ‘chipspeech’ based on this and other classic speech synthesis which you can hear in the video, but more interesting is the free compilation to go with it – including the Humanoid remix heard in the video. If you like 8-bit music, you’ll like this as it includes the likes of GOTO80 and Torley and many others. (via Ian Fondue)

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