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August 18 /

I’m really loving The Get Down, a semi-fictional series about hip-hop in 70’s Bronx via Baz Luhrmann. I don’t know why it’s got mixed reviews because unlike other shows, it has Grandmaster Flash, Nas and Kurtis Blow on board, as…

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August 16 /

Great interview with composer and synth pioneer Peter Zinovieff who co-invented the EMS synthesisers and called the ‘British Bob Moog’ and the amazing EMS studio started 50 years ago. I didn’t know he worked with a ZX81, but mostly abandoned…

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August 4 /
July 25 /

John Oliver on form again, I do think Trump will win it unless Hillary gets her shit together, which given her VP choice and complete Dynastic arrogance, very unlikely. Negative ‘Not That Guy’ campaigns never usually win, neither does lecturing…

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