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January 18 /

Needed cheering up, and this cute acoustic cover of We Call It Acieed by D-Mob featuring Gary Haisman did the trick. So sweet when she does the ‘Psycho Attack!’ parts. (via Jez Biggs)

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January 17 /

Didn’t know there was a video for ‘We’ll Be Right Back’? This song along with Arthur Baker’s Criminal Element Orchestra – Put The Needle To The Record, Bomb The Bass – Beat Dis, S’Express and Coldcut’s mix of Eric B…

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January 12 /

Sometimes you see a short film and it opens up even more questions – in fact I was watching this as if it was a trailer until I realised that was the film! Fascinating look into the life of billy…

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January 8 /

Shirley Bassey is 80 today, and I present to you a few of her finest moments, firstly is 1972’s Jezahel which you probably know better as Last Leg theme Harder Than You Think by Public Enemy. Yes, they took the…

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