Dose of Buckley on T-Swizzle

Good point about poor little Taylor Swift and her war on Spotify by A Dose of Buckley. Her work isn’t rare art, I would dispute it is art at all, apart from the pop-art sense. But certainly it’s not as special or wonderful as she thinks (I notice that Shake It Off makes his Top Ten Worst Songs of 2014, qnd quite rightly along with the execrable Anaconda by Nicki Minaj who would be my #1, and anything featuring that fake rapper Iggy Azalea. I was going to post that here, but calling Katy Perry a cunt is way beyond ‘angry Canadian’ and going into misogyny. :-/ He’s also partly wrong about All About That Bass, there are worse songs than that although his points about the double-standard are correct, it’s not that bad a song musically, it at least has a tune. So you got this instead.)

Mr B Needs Your Love

When you think of Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer you might not think of house, but Mr B The Gentleman Selector has recently released a collection of electroswing ‘chapstep’ tracks called Acid Ragtime, and included is this excellent mashup/cover of Frankie Knuckles ‘Your Love’ – Jive Bunny meets acid house with that clever In the Mood sample ;-) Very clever.

The Cats Piano is rather good, also:

And on the CD but not the download is Monty’s Acid, but you can currently get it here for free. One guess what it’s an acid remix of…*cue big foot*

Now available over at his shop, or at all half-decent download establishments. Good show!

You’ve Ruined Xmas

I think it’s about time to post some Xmess songs, as it’s a few weeks away (sorry for those who were trying to avoid all mention of it, I’ll be brief).

Love this song from Invocal about Xmas, very funny especially the ‘Daily Mail Banning Christmas’ rant in the middle – but also I’m 100% behind the deep sigh after the first chorus since, well, the video brings back memories of what Xmas REALLY when I was a kid was about.

Yes the Three Wise Men of Arguing, Dysfunctional families and that Tim Is Always Wrong. (Well I guess the last one is an aspect of the first two, or more a consequence, but you get the idea).

They say Xmas is about children, love, peace to all men, and being together but my family never got that memo, it seemed to be about endlessly criticising each other (usually me because: easy target) and drinking? It’s always been bittersweet, although the memories do fade so I can now pretend it was full of happy families by the fire, snowmen, scarves and singing carols. Well until some video reminds me otherwise ;-) Bah Humbug To You All, And Especially Not So Tiny Tim!

Thanks to Caroline of the Bugcast for the vido!

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