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Radio Clash

March 11 /

On Thursday Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy by Douglas Adams reached 40 on Thursday, the first radio broadcast was 8th March 1978, and there is a new ‘Hexagonal Phase’ to celebrate. So as well as it being #h2g2week on Radio…

March 3 /

If spring can take the snow away Can it melt away all of our mistakes Memories made in the coldest winter… As is completely predictable and traditional, I do an episode about snow and it’s mostly all gone in my…

February 23 /

Yes, it’s the state of the nation That’s holding our salvation It’s the state of the nation that’s causing deprivation… An up/down/beat musical state of the nation address from the green and unpleasant land of Brexit and Oxfam scandals, broadcasting…

February 22 /

The Radio Clash and Digital Debris podcasts are now on Google Play. Yay! Click on the links above or the nifty badges: