RC 266: Winging It

Dark and flappy, gothic and giddy, the new podcast comes just in time for Halloween – just as well as it seems rather grotesque, if even by accident as I fly by the seat of my pants…then find I have no pants.

And then forget to upload it. Pfft. Bird brain.

Stone the crows! Oh no they’re Zombie Crows! Screeching ‘Brains…Nevermore!’, oh I’m safe then. (2:21, 193Mb)

  • Infectionform – YTPMV The Michael Rosen Rhapsody
  • The Fat White Family – I Am Mark E Smith
  • L7 – Shitlist
  • Tribe 8 – Oversize Ego
  • Lard – They’re Coming to take me Away
  • Hulk Hogan & Itch-Band – Itch Ban
  • Katy B & Geeneus – Good Life (Remix)
  • Robyn – Who’s That Girl (Seamus Haji Remix)
  • Spoek Mathambo, Cerebral Cortex, Frown – Zombie
  • The Coup – The Guillotine
  • Tribe 8 – Wrong Bathroom
  • Gender Infinity – Highlife Time
  • SuperVision – Milky Way Stomp
  • Dunproofin’ – Only Mashups Can Break Your Heart
  • Noosha Fox – Judy Blue (unreleased)
  • Röyksopp & Robyn – Monument
  • Sinkane – Blown
  • Mogwai – This Messiah Needs Watching
  • Chromatics – Tomorrow Is So Far Away
  • The Fat White Family – Auto Neutron
  • Chromatics – Chalk Dust (Holy Water)
  • Bruce Lacey – Cycles of the Serpent 3
  • Prince & 3Rdeyegirl – Whitecaps
  • Team Dresch – Don’t Try Suicide
  • Radical Face – The Mute
  • Bruce Lacey – Ancient Forces 1
  • Chromatics – Tick Of The Clock
  • John Grant and the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra – Pale White Ghosts

Rare unreleased mashup bootsale!

As part of creating my new Audiomack page, and the nostalgia about GYBO Weekend Challenges on Facebook I’ve posted loads of rare/unreleased and demo mashups, nearly all of them also for download over at the MutantPop Artists site…Depeche Mode vs Presets, Britney vs T>Power, Sage Francis vs Controlfreak, Sugarcubes vs N.W.A., Eagles of Death Metal vs Tommy James and the Shondells & Massive Attack, Altern-8 vs Justice vs Dizzee Rascal, Orbital vs Depeche Mode, Meco vs Katy Perry & Snoop Dogg – there’s something for everyone! Roll up! Roll up!

Some good stuff here. quite often I get them to 90-99% finished then get bored… And also over at the tbc site a couple more of the ambient mashups I did, including a retweak of my 2007 Boards of Canada vs Roy Ayers mashup – now it sparkles!

RC 265: The KB Show

A show that’s been 4 years in the making, after the sell-out Kate Bush 15 night ‘tour’ it seemed the right time to finish this long-promised show (especially as I couldn’t afford the £300-1000 for a ticket, so this is my consolation). From mashups, remixes and covers, it covers the many decades of music from Cathy.

(I couldn’t find the photographer of this picture from 1979, so apologies if anyone gets upset with it’s use, let me know and I’ll change it…it’s impossible to find Creative Commons images of Kate – especially as she banned any recording devices or phones from her gigs :-( )

Cathy Come Home, Heathcliff Has Tha Tea On, Duck (170Mb, 2:10)

  • Not the Nine O’Clock News – England My Leotard
  • Dunproofin’ – Alphaboot
  • China Drum – Wuthering Heights
  • SuperVision – Giving Me Life
  • Kyza – Love and Music (feat. Ghosttown)
  • The Very Best – Running Up That Hill
  • DJ Magnet – Love Comes Running Up That Hill Quickly (Placebo vs. Pet Shop Boys vs. Kate Bush)
  • Gay Marvine – Runningupthatdub
  • Dan Black – Get Into Cloudbusting
  • VanShe Tech vs Utah Saints – Something good
  • The Field – Over the Ice
  • Kate Bush – This Woman’s Work (Jaap Lighthart edit)
  • Rum & Black – Slaves
  • Miss Cyberpink – Harry Goes Cloudbusting
  • Shut Up And Dance – Culture Clash
  • Addictive TV – Wuthering Cuts
  • The Futureheads – Hounds of Love (Phones’ Wolf At the Door Remix)
  • Ellis Dee – Big Up Your Chest
  • Utah Saints – Something Good (High Contrast promo mix)
  • The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain – Wuthering Heights
  • Kiki & Herb – Moments of Pleasure
  • Parenthetical Girls – Under The Ivy
  • Kate Bush – Under Ice (Fil Ok Remix)
  • Kate Bush – And Dream of Sheep (Condition remix)
  • Kate Bush – Under Ice (800 times Slower version)
  • Hamlet Gonashvili – Tsintskaro
  • Maxwell – This Woman’s Work
  • Kate Bush – Under The Ivy
  • Kate Bush – Oh England My Lionheart

RC 264: Hatebombing

S-C-O-T-L-A-N-D it becomes final today*…shh little T-I-M doesn’t want to hear it, so he M-A-D-E a podcast instead.

Hip hop, metal, rock, house and pop, it’s all there in one big happy union.

Yes. I mean No. I mean Yes….I’m united on independent thought, me (2:11, 166Mb)

  • Lord Rockingham’s XI – Hoots Mon
  • The Juan MacLean – A Place Called Space
  • Classixx – All You’re Waiting For (feat. Nancy Whang)
  • Ten Walls – Mongol (Original Mix)
  • Duke Dumont – Walking with Elephants vs Unfinished Sympathy (Radio 1 Live Lounge)
  • Stop Modernists – Subculture (Main Vocal Extended) [feat. Chris Lowe]
  • Pet Shop Boys/Panti Bliss – OPPRESSIVE (The best gay possible)
  • Willam – Only Anally
  • Agatha – Queer as in Fuck You
  • The Soft Pink Truth – Satanic Black Devotion
  • G3RSt – Uki Uki On My Own
  • The Wytches – Gravedweller
  • Body Count – Institutionalized 2014
  • 2Cellos – Voodoo People
  • Wick-it the Instigator – BRYAN ADAM$ – Everything I Do (WICK-IT’$ TRAPT DA FUKK OUT REMIX)
  • Seun Kuti & Egypt 80 – IMF
  • Dead Players – Yeah
  • Brother Ali – Uncle Sam Godamn
  • Dizraeli and the Small Gods – Was A Rapper
  • Easy Star All-Stars – Breathe 2014
  • John Foxx – No-One Driving
  • The Wytches – Summer Again
  • Lewis – Love Showered Me
  • Dizraeli and the Small Gods – There is a Way
  • The Presets – Fail Epic

* Yeah I know I say tomorrow on the podcast, but that’s because I recorded it Y-E-S-T-E-R-D-A-Y…


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