Happy Birthday Speech Synthesis

Around 40 years ago, Forrest S. Mozer created the first Integrated Circuit speech synthesiser, modelled on his voice, and licensed it to a company creating instruments for blind people. But you’ll more likely recognise it as the voices in Berzerk and later sampled in the Stakker track ‘Humanoid’. Ploque are plugging a new plugin ‘chipspeech’ based on this and other classic speech synthesis which you can hear in the video, but more interesting is the free compilation to go with it – including the Humanoid remix heard in the video. If you like 8-bit music, you’ll like this as it includes the likes of GOTO80 and Torley and many others. (via Ian Fondue)

Mort Garson

Exploring the world of Mort Garson at the moment. I’m not really how you go from this, funky disco Kung Fu, to Moog Satanic spooktronica in a similar vein to Haack’s Electric Lucifer album:

To Summer of Love floaty psychedelic astrology floaty bobbins (thanks to Ben Soundhog for pointing me in the direction of this album, which started me down the Yellow Brick Rabbit Hole):

To exotic lounge music which he co-wrote for the Ruby and the Romantics (you probably will know this song via covers):

Deranged hippy version of Wizard of Oz where Dorothy wants to know ‘where it’s at’? Check:

And back to novelty electro disco songs about UFO’s (with the obligatory van/truck reference – surprised they didn’t crowbar a CB reference in there?)

I haven’t even listened to the album for plants yet ‘Plantasia’…they talk about a ‘full life’ and ‘eclectic tastes’, but no-one has anything on Mort Garson’s career!

Do they know it’s Chapmastime?

Oh I LOVE this Mr.B The Gentleman Rhymer’s take on THAT song, Band Aid ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas Time’ done live in Brighton last month. Love the altered lyrics about Bono and the end ‘Proceeds of this song will go towards trying to avoid Bob Geldof ever recording that thing again!’.

Having gone through SoundCloud unsuccessfully for Band Aid spoofs I missed this one for Bah Humbug 3 (then again I was already using Oh Santa!), I eventually made my own cutups with bits of the Dance Aid (Rave The World) acapella, which is a very strange German dance cover from 1994.

Mr B Needs Your Love

When you think of Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer you might not think of house, but Mr B The Gentleman Selector has recently released a collection of electroswing ‘chapstep’ tracks called Acid Ragtime, and included is this excellent mashup/cover of Frankie Knuckles ‘Your Love’ – Jive Bunny meets acid house with that clever In the Mood sample ;-) Very clever.

The Cats Piano is rather good, also:

And on the CD but not the download is Monty’s Acid, but you can currently get it here for free. One guess what it’s an acid remix of…*cue big foot*

Now available over at his shop, or at all half-decent download establishments. Good show!

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