Cassetteboy Cameron’s Rap

Lose Yourself in the Cuts woah, Benefits! Freeze! Sugar, Right Lines Pure as the Driven Low…Cassetteboy is back and on form with this Tory Conference video. Everything Dave says here is sadly true. (via Steve SPR)

And as the comment points out, as of this week parody videos are now legal in the UK. Well until someone challenges you..

Dunproofin’s Grate Compilation

Dunproofin’s genius gets a lot of love on the podcast (he did the remix that is the current intro music) and here on the blog, and he’s released a compilation of his 50 best remixes and mashups over the years, called 50 Golden Grates.

It’s not cheesy, it’s full of golden slices of fried gold such as his FU2 Lady Sovereign remix and Casbah Wonder (The Clash vs Stevie Wonder) a regular in my sets for years, Electro Sandman (a remix of Metallica) which I was going to play in Saarbrucken but got beaten to, Groove Is In The Girls (Dee-Lite vs Prodigy), Lily & The Robot (Lily Allen vs Royskopp), Only Mashups Can Break Your Heart (St Etienne, U2 and Bowie), Britney mashups bordering on musical stalking (see Slave To Fashion vs Bowie and Gimme More Pay TV if you don’t believe me, the latter is like a Goblin horror soundtrack!) several I’ve made videos for (Pjanoo Dance (Bowie va Eric Prydz), Reordered (Eric Prydz again with New Order)), some classic E-Jitz madness and two current favourites which I must have missed or might be new: Just Don’t Care (Grandmaster Flash & The Furious 5 vs Corinne Bailey Rae) and Don’t Mess which is Neneh Cherry vs Swedish House Mafia.

And I’ve mirrored the file here so you don’t have to mess with slow filesharing sites! Recommended.

Zydeco Legion and Kate Tempest

Someone (Zydeco Legion?) commented a track called LRAD on the Radio Clash Facebook page, and I like it. Loving what Kate Tempest is doing at the moment, not sure if this is official, I suspect it’s a mashup, but I haven’t heard this rap before. Doesn’t matter as it’s a nice mix, very ambient/concious.

The other track with Kate Tempest involves a nice Chumbawamba sample – Enough Is Enough and is drum and bass…


After the ‘death’ of Akira The Don, his next project is the Midnitemen, and moving to L.A. Usually the move to the West Coast signals the winter years of an artist’s career, a bit like being big in Japan – but this move really suits him if this mixtape is anything to go by. With fellow Midnitemen Wade Crescent it’s mashup and shiny songs ahoy. Most recently they’ve done a Kate Bush remix of Wuthering Heights which is good (and a must for Kate Bush remix collectors like myself, yes that show will happen…) but as I missed it earlier this year I’m all about the Coachella mixtape.

Really love the Bombs Over Baghdad vs The Knife one (really hard, since I’m supercritical after doing my ‘London Booted’ Spanish Bombs Over Baghdad Clash mashup – not perfect but nearly all other mashups get the timing even more wonky!) and the Chvrches and Empire of the Sun remixes. Sex Drive might get a certain 1980’s synth pop duo reaching for their lawyerphone though. 1984! Boo! Boo!