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December 11 /

Via Ian Fondue posting the video of Art vs Science’s fascinating psych/funk version of Enter Sandman by the (below) which mixes vocoder with great psych guitar, I started listening to Triple J’s Like A Version, and found this fascinating trip…

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November 18 /

There’s been a campaign to get Eagles of Death Metal’s Duran Duran cover to UK number 1 after the events of the Bataclan in Paris, and it looks like it will succeed. I’m not a big fan of EODM but…

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July 31 /
July 15 /

Here is Mac Sabbath with their track “Frying Pan’ which of course is an evil McDonalds themed song to the tune of Iron Man…apparently got the thumbs up from Sabbath themselves, the band features Ronald Osbourne, Slayer McCheeze, Catburglar and…

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