Colatron rides into the sunset

As Colatron rides off into the sunset – for a while at least – he leaves us with Hiatus, the best mashup CLT has done in a long while, combining Jon Hopkins ‘Immunity’, London Grammar’s ‘Interlude’, Blade Runner/Vangelis and Anthony Hopkins. *blub*.

This one is really good though, despite making me listen to Michael Bublé, the bastard:

Although I’ve personally stopped marking most of my hiatuses / retirements as I eventually break them, anyway (not podcasts, if people think that Radio Clash Podcast is going to resurrect like a zombie…very unlikely, closest might be mixes like BH3)…and most mashup or video work doesn’t get that old, what with most of the charts sounding like they could have been made in the last 30 years. Although most of my mashup and video work is currently on hold, who knows what the future may bring?

Mr B Needs Your Love

When you think of Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer you might not think of house, but Mr B The Gentleman Selector has recently released a collection of electroswing ‘chapstep’ tracks called Acid Ragtime, and included is this excellent mashup/cover of Frankie Knuckles ‘Your Love’ – Jive Bunny meets acid house with that clever In the Mood sample ;-) Very clever.

The Cats Piano is rather good, also:

And on the CD but not the download is Monty’s Acid, but you can currently get it here for free. One guess what it’s an acid remix of…*cue big foot*

Now available over at his shop, or at all half-decent download establishments. Good show!

Santastic 9 & Bomarr Go Crackers

Finally got around to some Xmess music, doesn’t feel Xmassy til December (why I tend to never get around to doing mashups til late, I don’t get in the mood – if ever – until a week or two before. Although recently I’ve been a bit Grinch about the whole deal) and listening to another good Santastic compilation from djBC, a rather germanic selection featuring mashups and remix crizzle shizzle from DJ Morgoth, DJ Schmolli, Voicedude, DJ M.i.F., ATOM, mojochronic, Divide and Kreate and G3RSt.

My faves are this Flula sampling track from ATOM describing why Santa Claus is a stalker:

And djBC’s Forgot About Merry (Staple Singers vs The Christmas Villains) is very good also:

Also the G3RSt one aint too shabby either…Shawn Lee and Metallica FTW! You can download it all with artwork here.

And Bomarr has another Wild Xmas mix out, it’s great if extremely strange, the more experimental and outsider part of Chrisslemas. Watch this space, this and other Xmas strangeness might have inspired a new Bah Humbug mix…Watch this space.

Get Lucky NOLA Bounce style

Just found this excellent New Orleans Bounce version of Daft Punk’s Get Lucky featuring Big Freedia remixed by Gypsyphonic Disko, those who did that crazy klezmer bounce version of Dreidel Song with Katey Red a few years back. This would be one of my secret podcast battle weapons, when I was podcasting ;-) And you can download it for free, rather than waiting for me to podcast it now! Aren’t you spoiled? ;-)

Although other things are in the works – maybe a comp or a mix before Xmas. No promises, but I still can’t break that habit of wanting to collate sets or tracklists and share music…!

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