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November 22 /

Loving hardcore metal/indescribable band The Hell at the moment, and especially in these times their attitude to bigots (which you can see from their Facebook isn’t new, if very sweary and take no shit as well – they really don’t…

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November 6 /

In a follow up to the previous Jean Jacques Perrey memorial post, I’d never heard his album/piece “Prélude au Sommeil”. Ian Fondue posted this excellent list of the greatest electronic albums of the 1950’s and 1960’s (listeners to the podcast…

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October 31 /

TV Nation is a mashup that has been hanging around in multiple demo forms since 2008, now thanks to better stems and acapellas it’s finished (I know I said I retired but this was an opportunity too good to miss,…

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October 26 /

Loving the Lee Hazlewood / Nancy Sinatra style vibes from ex-Mazzy Star’s Hope Sandoval (and also singer of one of the best songs of the 21st Century – Massive Attack’s Paradise Circus). This is her band with one of My…

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