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October 23 /

A bit over ten years ago I was working on DJNoNo’s County Sound part of the compilation ‘Bride of Monster Mash’ and Mutant night to help promote it. Looking online it seems the site and links are dead – but…

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September 19 /

If you have Ghost, you’ll know how special they are. New EP Popestar is ace, as is the silent german expressionist video for Square Hammer…also digging their last album Meliora, especially Cirice, amazing video that channels Carrie via that old…

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July 21 /

Beautiful audio and video from Sigur Rós. For their new single Route One they created a 24 hour drive around Iceland with an auto-generated version of their single. Now it’s in 360 degree video at 4k, which apparently was so…

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July 18 /

People whose taste I trust have been going on about Shura for a while, I heard her in the distance at Glasto and it sounded like a really nice sound that I had to check out (some going as I…

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