Bears Have Claws

If I was a wanky music reviewer (call me! good rates! :-P) I’d say the 2 Bears have claws with this album, whereas the first one was just about having a good time (Bearhug) this is about the down side, the come down, getting your own back. Not deciphered the spoken lyrics to Get Out which I’ve already played on the podcast but there is some bitching about ‘Your Clarkson-admiring, your endless deep house…your snivelling and whining…’. Ooh, burn. It’s a very drag album, with the bittersweet themes and that spoken word sample on the first track ‘Child! Wha’ happened?’ spoken like a true house mother! Working out to be one of my favourite albums of the year, where other ones have waxed and waned (Hercules & Love Affair, Wild Beasts, Juan Maclean to name just three on the ‘good tracks but overall meh album’ pile)

So of course I love this video for Not This Time, I’ve been there I think (Bethnal Green Working Mens Club) but also reminds me of their Glasto performance with some of the same alternate drag / performance artistes.

And yes they are fully aware of the other meaning of bears, before you ask.

Philae O’ Fish harpoons a Soup Dragon

Rosetta are you better are you yeah, yeah, yeah…well hanging on a falling star, well Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko I guess it is! (Philae and Rosetta are great names, Karamazov-Geriactrico 69/P less so, can’t you call it Boris or Moby Dick or Space Nugget or something?).

Wow and the comet double-barrelled is a Singing Comet? Sounds more like the Soup Dragon or one of the Clangers….wait, hold on, could it be? o.O

There’s one from the book. Err, tablet. As in I should keep taking them and stop making jokes like that.

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