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January 17 /

Didn’t know there was a video for ‘We’ll Be Right Back’? This song along with Arthur Baker’s Criminal Element Orchestra – Put The Needle To The Record, Bomb The Bass – Beat Dis, S’Express and Coldcut’s mix of Eric B…

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January 8 /

Shirley Bassey is 80 today, and I present to you a few of her finest moments, firstly is 1972’s Jezahel which you probably know better as Last Leg theme Harder Than You Think by Public Enemy. Yes, they took the…

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January 2 /

A highlight of every year is legend Greg Wilson’s selection of his favourite re-edits, reworks and remixes, and the 2016 mix doesn’t disappoint. I’ve been following Late Nite Tuff Guy for years, including his music in podcasts and mixes, but…

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November 22 /

Loving hardcore metal/indescribable band The Hell at the moment, and especially in these times their attitude to bigots (which you can see from their Facebook isn’t new, if very sweary and take no shit as well – they really don’t…

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