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December 30 /

The Philomena Cunk joke about holes with Brian Cox was laugh out loud funny, saved a really quite sobering 2016 Wipe…not Brooker & co.’s fault, it’s just been a really shit and depressing year. The Cassetteboy bits were good though.…

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December 10 /

Coming over like an amped up Fat White via Dead Kennedies and a few others, I quite like Cabbage’s irreverentĀ take on psych/psychobilly/garage/punk…and their politics are very on point for this fucked up year. And 6Music are playing them a lot…

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November 28 /

Paul Nutall? Of the UKIPS? Well let Stewart Lee say it best (NSFW). And I think the best response to the ‘alt-right’ (sorry, like New Labour you can’t rebrand Nazis – yes not all ‘alt-right’ people are fascists but some…

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November 27 /

Love this image from Scarfolk, and now the Snooper’s Charter has passed it’s very true. Join the Open Rights Group to fight it.

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