Artistic Protests in Hong Kong

As part of the Umbrella Movement aka Occupy Central in Hong Kong, there have been amazing shots of artworks and symbolic gestures in the streets. Here is a video from CNN-HK of some of the artworks, and it reminds me of other ad-hoc Occupy spaces, how quickly people reclaim the space to make something creative, amazing, interesting.

And the Governments want to stop things like this? Oh they pay lipservice to ‘Big Society’ and community involvement, but when it happens, like with the FocusE15 mothers they immediately go onto the warpath. No, all governments much prefer these spaces to be full of cars, using the oil hard-won by wars than anything like this, they want these spaces to be uncomfortable, no-one to linger, no free art or buskers or anything that might not be on-message. Free creativity is like political expression, it scares the powers that be, and challenges the use of public spaces.

Ban Drag Queens From Facebook!

And their Native American friends too! Just no! LOL. I suspect that the current purge of …bear names could be cross-fire from the person who has been reporting 100s of people at once, and started this whole thing…seems the search for ‘bear’ was the recent one. Really Farcebook, you need to get your reporting shit sorted, because it seems homo- and transphobes are having a field day…as well as possibly racists and the rest of their bitter trollkind.

Here come the New Atheists

“If you want to prove people you can be good without God, then look in the mirror and start with yourself”

Love Jamie Kilstein and his diatribes against the new breed of Dawkins atheists (usually in my experience Men’s Rights #gamergate 4chan dweebs, conspiracy types and general nutjobs). It needs to be said, you can’t pull the moral superiority card if you’re a 20 year old in some basement typing out how much you want to destroy the life of Zoe Quinn and other SJW/’radfems’, or how all Muslims are evil, or how although you hate religion you don’t like those queers either.

Yeah, some radical feminists do deserve challenging on their stance on trans*/queer issues, and a few of the ‘SJW’ types are politically loose cannons and not helping especially around LGBTQ issues, but straight white males don’t get to do that, either. As he says in another video to men everywhere – ‘don’t be a dick’.

And predictably the comments sections are full of these idiots fapping the ‘not all men’, ‘true Scotman’, ‘Mansplaining’, ‘#Misandry’ and ‘you’re gay’ to a frazzle. Sad. No. One. Cares. Poor little rich boys…scarily some of them have guns, though.

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