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November 28 /

Paul Nutall? Of the UKIPS? Well let Stewart Lee say it best (NSFW). And I think the best response to the ‘alt-right’ (sorry, like New Labour you can’t rebrand Nazis – yes not all ‘alt-right’ people are fascists but some…

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November 27 /

Love this image from Scarfolk, and now the Snooper’s Charter has passed it’s very true. Join the Open Rights Group to fight it.

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November 11 /

Just been called a ‘SJW’ and that I’m the wrong colour and should put on some paint for questioning someone who thinks those attacks on minorities in America are just ‘letting off steam’ even though the link had violent attacks…

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September 13 /

“You cannot count on anyone except yourself. It’s sad, but true, and the sooner you learn it, the better.” As I prepare to move from Radio Clash Towers, the second half of this mix is about several things – the…

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