I think I found where the new Cuban Boys are hanging out…

It’s in YTPMV (YouTube Poop Music Video) or MAD on YouTube – kind of like Soundclown mixed with cutup and what Cuban Boys used to do, with a lot of really rude humour. The YTP and YTPMV people seem obsessed with Michael Rosen and some very rude cutups…but also the same kind of gabba/happy hardcore and game music the Cuban Boys loved to create. Your brain will fry, I guarantee…Reminds me of Amiga Demos, oddly.

Oh and DON’T search for Michael Rosen YTP. A friend let me in on that, it’s srsly NSFW…funny, but I’m pretty sick, I loved that Cassetteboy Stephen Fry cutup for instance. The first one included here, the Michael Rosen Bohemian Rhapsody is fairly SFW apart from a few bits o.O

But this is some of the oddest shit you’ll see all year, especially the collabs like the Popcorn one below…brainscrambletime. This is next level shit, everyone seems to have copied Kutiman in the whole ‘make a track from YouTube musicians’ thing, but this is something else. And probably NOT what you’ll see down your local MetrO2RoxyPlex.

Are they obsessed by Take On Me or summat? The RickRoll and Red Dwarf bits are amazing stuff…

Ooh Funky Town YTPMV collab – good choice in music…just as long you try not to work out WHAT IS GOING ON?

The inevitable Popcorn covers…


Fuck it all fuck it all….

Annoyingly the original from kittypawws is blocked by teh Evil Copyright Overlords, but love this parody of Frozen’s Let It Go – this is how it should have gone, I might have bothered to watch it then (yeah took me over a year to watch Brave, the more hyped something is the less likely I am to watch it – I think my Dad’s old maxim about advertising which is ‘if it’s any good they wouldn’t need to advertise it’ has also in my mind applied to those things EVERYONE goes on about…seems boring to do stuff that everyone else is doing, anyway.).

And of course it’s a reminder for those who just got their grades! Apologies for the ad at the end, not on the original they tacked it on, and can’t find another version that’s as high (!!!) quality without it.

Fuck it all…fuck it all…

?uestlove on sampling and hiphop

Tell the truth, James Brown was old
‘Til Eric and Ra came out with “I Got Soul”
Rap brings back old R&B
And if we would not, people could’ve forgot

Stetsasonic came on the radio, and I’ve always loved this lyric as it really said what needed to be said about sampling in hiphop. Apparently the song is a response to James Mtume who was against sampling (I suspect he’s moderated his line in recent videos). So I went to to rapgenius page for Talkin’ All That Jazz and this video from ?uestlove was linked from that quote. It’s true, not just hiphop but also mashups too – I’ve gained so much musical knowledge from sampling, as well as the references in the lyrics. It’s a shame that because of business – it being so expensive or bothersome to sample, that creative multi-sample epics like 3 Feet High or Paul’s Boutique are nigh-on impossible to create nowadays – that such creativity was stifled after 1992 or so. Yes some have still created albums with many samples and mined the obscure (Avalanches, DJ Shadow, 2 Many DJs) but it’s rare because they have to spend years to clear them, and quite often swap in other samples and water it down for those they never will be able to clear (Madonna, Beatles, MJ etc).

But it strikes me as an own goal, because interest in James Brown, Bobby Byrd and yes even Mtume didn’t happen until people started sampling them – before they couldn’t even get arrested…and that dried up after the lawyers moved in. Now it’s crazy that if you sound a bit ‘like’ something, like with Blurred Lines who definitely stole the vibe but not sampled nor copied Marvin Gaye as many others have done before – the lawsuits fly. So even interpolation (replaying the samples, it’s what Dr Dre does) can be bad. It’s all anti-creative, where the free mixtape is what it should be, and the release is empty and lacking those references – and kids don’t know anything past five years ago. Yes they have forgot.

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