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June 27 /

Love this interview from Owen Jones with Frankie Boyle who speaks so much truth to power, about austerity, Theresa May’s failure-as-success, gentrification, and DUP. He’s right especially about Grenfell Tower, which was murder – corporate murder by neglect, although I’d…

June 19 /

Sadly Brian Cant, a cornerstone of my childhood from Play School, Play Away, even Orbital videos has died aged 83. But I think his best work was on the Trumptonshire trilogy – people mostly remember his voice-over work on them…

June 16 /
June 7 /

Brilliant version of The Orb’s Little Fluffy Clouds using Theresa May and her ‘Strong and Stable’ BS. (via TXL). And remember, those in the UK, VOTE TOMORROW. Preferably making June the end of May.