Sage Francis: This is how you announce a new tour

Sage Francis is touring his new album Copper Gone worldwide, and of course whenever you announce a tour you get all this online fan bleating stuff like ‘No love for South Antarctica?’ and requesting songs. This video is a great response to that, and love the bit with the marker and the ‘I thought I was B. Dolan?’ :-D

Also the Psycho style ending and the Pressure Cooker extract – sounding good for the new album.

The Beat Bash

Friend of Radio Clash Jeb Edwards aka 50 Pound Note is doing a new regular mix series called The Beat Bash named after the radio show he hosted in the early 90’s.

The first installment is up and it’s very good – including tracks from Dead Or Alive, Eurythmics, My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult, Paul Rutherford, Depeche Mode, Meat Beat Manifesto, Severed Heads, Boxcar, Pet Shop Boys and New Order (SURPRISE!). After the Thrill Kill Cult I was expecting it to go into Age of Chance – Kiss or Nitzer Ebb’s Join in the Chant, but I have a feeling at least one of those might make an appearance in the series ;-)

Also as with his other excellent mixes you’ll be able to hear the latest Beat Bash on Radio Clash Live at 12am-1am Sunday GMT as part of the Kiss The Future slot.

The other Radio Clash – Joe Strummer & Clash on air

On Christmas Day the remaining members of The Clash got together to do a show called Radio Clash (no I don’t mind fellas, really…plagiarism is the first form of flattery etc :-p ;-). It’s really good but of course will only be up for a few days.

As part of that 6Music is repeating some of Joe Strummer’s London Calling shows originally for BBC World Service. Long time readers will of course hav these as I’ve posted them in the past at varying quality but if you want them at lovely BBC quality I’d bet it’d be worth ripping or listening to these!

Doctor Who Live and One Direction fans argue re-enacted

Apparently they were something to do with Day Of The Doctor – Doctor Who Live which sounds like another BBC event ‘fail’ (really like National Lottery, Jubilee etc. Auntie is very good at snatching defeat from the jaws of certain ‘can’t miss’ victory) so enjoy this re-enactment of two 1D fans arguing. It’s very funny…and probably what caused Google to break down and start redesigning the YouTube comment system cos it’s just vile. (via Toby Dylan)

Oh and I saw the Day of the Doctor at the cinema, in 3D and it was AMMMAAAAAAAZZZZINNNGG! Lots of gasps and squees at certain parts which I won’t spoil, but they seem to be all over social media so maybe you should Avoid the Internet or something til you see it. Surprised I haven’t seen any ‘I hate Doctor Who’ teenage level stomping to their collective rooms yet, it might happen as the wave of Doctor Who posts increases…I warn those who follow me not to try, because I won’t forget, I have a memory like a Timelord for stuff like that!

Also If like me you’re not bored of all this #DoctorWho50th check out my podcasts on Delia Derbyshire, the first part of the Radio Clash 50th Special, and RC has a long 9 year history of covering all things Radiophonic Worshop (that’s the special 50th anniversary show from 2008), musical ‘Who or Delia e.g. or just search for ‘Doctor Who’, ‘Radiophonic Workshop’ or ‘Delia Derbyshire’ and thou shalt find!

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