Miley vs Sinead – the mashup

Been watching the war of words between Sinead O’Connor and Miley Cyrus…it’s all very sad but not mentioned it here as it’s all kind of ONTD/TMZ/Perez Hilton territory. Have to say though I’m Team Sinead after Miley’s tweet about Sinead and the Pope picture on SNL and comments about mental illness…I suspect Miley is just pretending all this Molly Twerking Down The Club stuff and actually is quite a devout Christian. It is an act, and Sinead has never been politically dodgy. Miley, not so much. But there has been talk that this might just be all a stunt, it is odd timing, but dunno if Sinead has anything to do with SNL anymore…stranger things have happened – like Elvis Costello being back on after the Radio Radio incident.

But now Robin Skouteris has created this mashup of Wrecking Ball vs Nothing Compares 2 U, showing how similar they are (and quite a lot talent, judging by the older more clashy elements). Pretty good, maybe too many Sinead chorus drops, but the feel is there…makes me sad, really…why can’t they both get along? Video is by Panos T. (via Cartelmike & Jay-R)

Relatio Clash

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