Dial-A-Poem – the original podcasting & I Will Not Pay the Patent

Listening to a great Radio 4 documentary about John Giorno’s Dial-A-Poem and the struggles they had against censorship and content – and they played part of Heathcote Williams’s incendiary – I Will Not Pay Taxes Until. Sadly some of these are still an issue – starting with the Queen and her purse bursting at the seams – and the smashing of the literary establishment and copyright!

These were the first podcasts I think – whatever Personal Audio the patent troll thinks*, and tbh I don’t really care, sue me if you can find me 😛 and the explosion of access to poetry, politics, spoken word and even erotic porn (yes porn always leads the vanguard of technology, as much as the conservatives hate it) is a better corrolorary to podcasting than sending tapes in the post (ya rly). Hey EFF! Get John Giorno on the case!

Must say it is rather disturbing trend recently going after the users, though. Surely they should be idemnified by the existing settlements with the products they use, i.e. Apple, etc? If not, that’s a really screwed system and needs to be changed.

Not the first time I came across Dial-A-Poem aka Giorno Poetry System (GPS)- I came across a great podcast about it on Avant Garde All The Time years ago which is still up and well worth listening to also (it’s the first podcast they did, so currently #17 on that list).

* As I said on the request for prior art – as well as suggesting Dial-A-Poem, I said Personal Audio you can take my podcast from my cold, dead hands…especially as a US Patent, it doesn’t stand here…you’re welcome to spend silly money on UK courts though (US ruling would be ignored, patent infringement isn’t good enough for extradition!). Jim Logan, I refer you to Heathcote and his statement on taxes & copyright and I don’t owe you money. You do owe everyone else for wasting their time, though.

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