Ding Dong DOMA is Dead but Never Forget Clinton’s Cludge

Yes Defence of Marriage Act is most likely gone in the US of A, but amazing how the Democrat liberal revisionism had already starting, with Hillary doing a farcically late and convenient 180 ‘on principle’ which pales compared to Rob Portman‘s personal and touching stand against many in his own party…(that’s WHY you come out to your loved ones, it really can and does change people’s attitudes, even Republicans – every person who comes out gets us ALL closer to equality).

People are saying Bill Clinton ‘had’ to sign the Act into law. No he didn’t. Here in the UK (then with a long distance relationship with a man in the US, in fact) I remember being really surprised that a Democrat would sign such a thing, even to get re-elected – if the Republicans had forced it, then so be it…sometimes in politics a defeat is better than giving in and acquiescing and becoming what you’re supposed to be against, and I think then as now that is still an issue with the Democratic party – eh Dianne Feinstein? (oh how Harvey would be sad, I bet if he was alive…).

Even the odd idea of change, that this was a ‘change of heart’ and a ‘personal journey via faith’ (someone always nods sagely at this point). Bull and Shit. I don’t need some quasi mystical/psychological journey to know that racism is bad, or that sexism is bad, and it’s quite easy to grasp the idea that all people should be equal? Strange how people allow this codswallop when it’s about LGBTQ rights, they never would pat someone on the head that said ‘Ahh used to be a KKK member, but I now love me those Africunnn Americunns now – btw VOTE FOR MEEEE!!!’. It’s very odd, and I’m sorry I know enough people with faith who don’t judge and are pro equality to know it has very little to do with faith unless you are at the extremes. Those people are using their faith as an excuse – an odd one, given what all the prophets said ‘love your neighbour’ – must’ve missed the addendum ‘except for those dirty fags over there’.

I think Madge Weinstein’s video here pretty much sums up how I feel – including the ending re: Obama. Too many people playing denial games that the Hopey Changey Thing has been sold down the river along with all your data, passwords, credentials and future. Never forget that…

And also it’s a muted one for me. Equality is good, and in the States it’s a bigger thing, whereas here it’s more of a semantic issue, a label or religious thing as civil partnerships give you all the rights already. Separate but equal doesn’t really work, but then again I never understood the idea of placating older generations by playing their silly games?

I think I agree with Glenn Greenwald (also gay) assessment about the whole thing – ostensibly about the frankly disgusting attitude of SF Pride especially Lisa L Williams to Bradley Manning being selected as one of the Grand Marshalls of the parade and her ‘a hint will not be tolerated’ stand. I mean, HOW DARE politics daring to enter the spying Verizon and corrupt banker sponsored party?

Anyway, he also said:

Third, when I wrote several weeks ago about the remarkable shift in public opinion on gay equality, I noted that this development is less significant than it seems because the cause of gay equality poses no real threat to elite factions or to how political and economic power in the US are distributed. If anything, it bolsters those power structures because it completely and harmlessly assimilates a previously excluded group into existing institutions and thus incentivizes them to accommodate those institutions and adopt their mindset. This event illustrates exactly what I meant.

I think this is important. In the big scheme of things, NSA, FISA, PRISM, Snowden, Syria, economic and environmental collapse, repeal of DOMA & Prop 8 is a very welcome but relatively small distraction. It’s an important step to equality, but also one that gay rights campaigners worldwide have put a lot of work into at the detriment of other issues, and it does reinforce the institutions, especially that of marriage (cue classic joke). The normative and assimilationist agenda has been placated, and I fully expect not to see these people for dust now.

When the next queer political agenda of those who don’t fit into 2.4 kids and fucking picket fence comes up, those queer misfits, sex-positive, fetish or ungendered who don’t form easily Wedding Packaged relationships to help bolster an ailing industry – I sadly expect everyone else to be too busy pigging out on cake and eyeing up the Groom to care. 🙁 The Trans community have long complained about being ‘thrown under the bus’ and I’m starting to understand what they meant, as a queer man who does not fit any of these institutions either. Heteronormative becomes homonormative, and the gods help you if you get in the way of a gay man or dyke wanting another excuse to host Yet Another Friggin’ Party…I suspect under all this they are looking to approval of the straights by copying their mores? If so, it won’t actually work.

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