Elson David Acid Mix

Was checking out Swindle and this Elson David old/new skool Acid mix came round as the next track – one of the weekly mixes from Hyponik. Love the intro, it’s from a hilariously out of touch BBC TV news piece about these new-fangled ‘raves’ and acid house in 1988.

01. Perfectly Ordinary People – Theme from P.O.P.
02. GERD – H.O.U.S.E.
03. Cool House – Rock This Party Right (Tyree Remix)
04. J.M.D. – Get Up and Dance (Tyree JB mix)
05. Elson David – The Awakening
06. Jamie Anderson – Rebel Sound
07. Orbital – Chime (JZJ Remix)
08. Tolfrey & Ramirez – Bounce to Me (Lauhaus Remix)
09. Elson David – Remember
10. Subb-an – Off the Walls (Melon Remix)
11. Elson David – God Bless
12. Whatever, Girl – Activator
13. The Children – Work the Box
14. Joey Beltram – Energy Flash
15. Elson David – Woke
16. Fast Eddie – Let’s Go (Tyree’s Gone Mix)

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