Sunday: zero messages

Sums it up, really. (Audio NSFW, sweary)

BTW Radio Clash Live is down because the host has been taken down by DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack which I assume is some overcompensating micropenis 12 year old script kiddies with too much time on their hands, probably trying to nuke some game server to win some game on WoW. *sigh*

So for the moment RCL is down, and tbh, it might stay that way. Kind of tired of it all…far too detailed to describe here (especially as the ‘first world problem’ response has already been invoked by someone else) but lets just say recently me and social/online media and server woes has invoked a similar response to the video above. Time to retreat I think, for my sanity. I think the first thing is to make my Twitter protected, and setup a Radio Clash twitter for other things – in fact I have done that – the new Radio Clash only twitter is @radioclashbog – update your following lists, because unless I friend you back my personal twitter will be protected.

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