BearTraxx meets the Jacksons

I heard one of Cliff Hunter aka BearTraxx’s (aka Remixcub, sure I remember him from Livejournal?) mashup via a very tangential route not worthy of mentioning here. I love the Daft Punk vs Michael Jackson – but as you can hear from the other Jackson related remix ‘I Want You Back’ he’s a good producer as well, love the vocoded/autotuned bits on this remix (and I’ve heard a LOT of remixes of this track). I would say ‘one to watch’ but looks like he’s been producing mixes for a long time, but certainly seems new(ish) to the mashup fold! Although probably like many DJs he might have been creating them for years, it’s that whole Greg Wilson thing, the first I knew of them!

And I have to say he’s not bad to look at either…*cough* What? Well you know me and bearded furry men 😉

Relatio Clash

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