Little Red Riding Hood AR 15


Not ignoring the sad news in Boston but have to concentrate on something else for obvious reasons and this great campaign by Moms Demand Action deserves not to be lost in the tidal wave of rubbernecking that will happen very shortly (oh yes, the centre of the storm is far from tranquil sadly).

And I love this campaign, because I didn’t know Little Red Riding Hood had been banned, unlike assault weapons which should not be on sale even in the Land of the Free. Sadly the UK learned that to it’s cost years ago in Hungerford and then Dunblane, I hope Newtown means that the mythical hunters that must pump many rounds per second into deer are sadly disappointed. I think they’ll get over it. Even though a few silly armchair heroes – especially now – will make ludicrous claims that guns stop such violence, or terrorism, when they actually do neither.

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