Daft Muppets! Get Lucky trailer

I spoke too soon – this is more like it! At Coachella and on Saturday this trail was shown for the new Daft Punk album. No 15 second cryptic loops nor slapped together in 5 seconds After Effects animations – something real, something tangible indicating the new album rather than the crumbs before. Pharrell and Niles rocking it out, and looks like their promise of the most human Daft Punk album yet is true.

Even more interesting is the Coachella trailer – the list of names including Todd Edwards, Chilly Gonzales and Paul Williams. Daft Muppets? MADE OF WIN.

Oh if you were at Coachella (/jealous) and saw that video you were amongst Daft Punk themselves, yes Thomas and Guy were in the crowd, sans helmets and I bet you didn’t know 😉

Oh and Nile Rodgers is his usual amazing happy self:

Relatio Clash

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