Daft Dan: Twin Robot Valley Kingdom Comeback

Love this new video soundhog has made for his ‘Daft Dan’ Daft Punk vs Steely Dan mashup – not only is there a lot of love for the Dan here at Radio Clash Towers, it’s also topical with a new Daft Punk album about to drop later in the year. And the 8 bit BBC graphics? VDU 23,240,28,28,8,127,8,20,34,65!

Yes I used to have to get out the graph paper back in the day…I used to watch The Computer Programme and Making the Most of the Micro too…annoyed though because at home I had a Spectrum and of course they rarely covered those.

In a related note I’ve kept back from the blogosphere/twittersphere FIRST! manic obsessive posting of 15 second low-quality clips from the new Daft Punk album, or way-too-early mashups using same – we’ll judge and post about it when there is *something* to form an opinion about! (The Moroder interview was cool although without trademark beard or tache πŸ™ but people damning the new album on 30 seconds of released material? Damn, son!).

Never really got that obsession with being ‘FIRST!’ anyway, I’m more about being ‘BEST!’ πŸ˜‰

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