Following GlassShreds in the real world Steve Reich takes on Radiohead in Radio: Rewrite – and the results are most intriguing. I’d be more surprised if it was say Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga or Benga (actually I think Benga & Reich could bond over poly-rhythms…). Interesting reading about his approach to Radiohead, Berio and Stockhausen, Elvis and Chuck Berry, and total disregard for hippy Haight culture.

Strangely though I like Reich’s music, I listened to that Coltrane album he mentioned for about 3 minutes and had to turn it off. I have the same “who would listen to this?” reaction to pretentious jazz music as Reich does to Rock n’ Roll. There’s a good reason for my I Hate Jazz mix.

I suppose I did learn from listening to Coltrane’s Africa/Brass: Never to listen to it again.

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