Not seen this video for Killer Mike’s Reagan, the only track I liked off that LP (which ironically I didn’t like for the very ‘Ballin / Dancin’ reasons expressed within this track) but it does correctly express some of the history of the crack wars – and problems within hip-hop. You think it’s all a conspiracy thing? Just google Iran Contra or crack and contras and it gets rather scary quickly…and not in a truther 9/11 fashion either, some real documented fact here. At the very least the cops looked the other way so Sandinista could fund their resistance through selling crack cocaine in the United States – and that’s just the ‘light’ end of the spectrum.

Oh and Reagan lied about the Iran Contra affair, and amazingly people forgave him when they lynched Clinton and Nixon. You can’t make this shit up. No wonder people run around crying New World Order, writing in green ink about Masons, Scientologists and Illuminati when there is real stuff like that lying about, unchallenged.

Relatio Clash

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