Harlem Shake Cycle Burn

Amazing how fast the Harlem Shake became, well, a bit old. I guess the ‘me too’ missed-out-on-Gangnam might be a part, or the fact that advertising companies jumped in on the act suspiciously early (I mentioned in my post here about the craze). Maybe these things just have cycles and burn out really quickly now?

I must say though I got more tired of those moaning about the meme than those doing it (right, there’s a creative hobby…not) but it did result in this fun video – which of course is necessarily self defeating, as being about a viral meme, it is now part of that meme…easiest way to defeat a Viral Big Boss Level meme? Ignore it. I agree about YOLO and ‘cray cray’ and all that…old old old. Although I find hash tags useful, have they been dropped by the hipster set now?

Video is very NSFW, but you weren’t looking at Harlem Shake memes at work were you? Oh dear, don’t be like these miners then.(via ThiftshopXL & Clive Garett)

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