Field Music – Choosing Sides

This is my tune of the moment – especially with the lyrics such as:

“I want a different idea of what ‘better’ can be, which doesn’t involve treating someone else like shit. I’m so complicit.” and “I want a better idea of what ‘better’ can be, which doesn’t necessitate having more useless shit” it is made of win.

I posted about being sad I couldn’t share this on the Twitters, and how annoying it was that bands (usually labels) don’t share things online or take YT stuff offline, and David Brewer of Field Music responded by posting the track onto Soundcloud for you and me to share and listen to! He also answered my question whether they have Steely Dan influences – no apparently! It’s just me then…?

Now that’s service – and despite my rant *ahem* I think someone who gets how music is changing in the age of social media…check out the tune, buy something, I like this band 😉

Relatio Clash

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