TBC Poundsystem – Losing My Sledge 2012 – new video and download!

Jeb aka 50 Pound Note asked me last week to remaster our old Xmas LCD Soundsystem parody ‘Losing My Sledge’ which was a little fun revisiting old Acid 5 files but I managed it and it turned out more of a remix…I had the idea of making a video, which a few saw a sneak peek of at Kleptonite – but now the full version is up! This is on Jeb’s Kuma-Chan records, Kuma 1000 – the first net release from his resurrected record label πŸ˜€
More to come from Kuma-Chan in 2013, watch this space or I’m sure he’ll mention it over at Jeb’s website πŸ˜€

It includes Sleigh bells! Dancing Boogie Santas! Bing Crosby! Dad dancing! Michael Jackson! Flying chairs! Lipps Inc and lipsynch! And lashings and lashings of pink tinsel and flashing fairy lights…it’s As Camp As Christmas!

Technically a bit of a ‘mare to do, but it’s the first video in a long while to be mostly original footage, and a lot of ker-azy HD noise-reduction & key-action (geek note: shot separately on 1080p Nikon D7000 and VGA on Jeb’s Canon Powershot in San Fran, denoised, keyed in After Effects and Premiere CS5, edited in Premiere CS5 – my poor Mac Book was groaning!)

Losing My Sledge 2012 Front Cover

Also there is a wonderful present from The Dancing Santas – you can currently download Losing My Sledge 2012 remix and dub instrumental with special 4 page artwork from Jeb!

Losing My Sledge Back Cover

So happy holidays from Jeb and Tim, Kuma-Chan and Radio Clash πŸ˜€

Relatio Clash

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