Supercalibreakz gets a new shiny HD video

I was not happy with the video I did in 2009 for my DJNoNo’s Supercalibreakz mashup (Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious from Mary Poppins vs Shy FX) – here’s a HD rewind and redo – must better 😀

This was made for Kleptonite but lack of time meant it didn’t get played…have a feeling it would have gone down a storm!

BTW don’t expect this to appear over at YouTube, big bad Disney banhammered the original, I might test post it on another account but after a couple of content strikes I’d rather not go there on the main account…I’d rather pick my battles. EDIT: It’s on YouTube but not on my main channel. So far the Big Bad Walt has left it alone…long may that continue.

Relatio Clash

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