Happy Birthday Turing

(Alan Turing by Q{kb]j)

Well accurately it was yesterday in the UK – but I accidentally celebrated it by meeting fellow podcasters at Podcrawl – meeting strangers who I otherwise would know by electronic means, who work in an electronic medium. In Soho! I think Mr Turing would be proud.

I couldn’t go without saying though – best way to celebrate Turing is to pardon him – yes he’s still on the books as a ‘sex criminal’ for being gay. The man that not only brought you the computer you read this on, but also is a pretty good candidate for why I’m not speaking German or having to be like Gordon Deitrich closeted in a fascistic state is still deemed a criminal for who he loved.

This gives all the celebrations of Turing 100 a much more sour edge, and without his pardon I can’t really enjoy the birthday party that much.

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