What’s Happening In The World Today?

Just recently I was wondering about the dearth of kazoos in christian contemporary rock*, and amazingly this gem dropped in my e-lap via Music for Maniacs blog. The video is a cross between a Bold ad (all those white sheets! Think of the washing!), Little House on the Praire and a Coke ad fronted by Santa Claus, and has to be seen to be believed, although it’s kind of sweet in it’s own outsider way (apparently the answer to the repeated question what’s going on today is we don’t know. Umm, cheers for that!) although I get flashbacks to Wicker Man with the kids dancing in circles. But delving into this strange video it got weirder and weirder so I had to post…

John David Orvis was indeed known to the children as the local Santa Claus – but also a biker, an extra in Beverley Hillbillies, Blues Brothers and Thelma and Louise (as ‘Junior Bryant’) and was in late 50’s and early 60’s bands The Sessionaires and Smoke. But what got me posting this is this and the CD this comes from was apparently engineered and recorded by Vern Green – of Cirith Ungol fame, a Tolkein inspired doom metal band from California, and later in Broken Silence. Not your usual choice for a christian contemporary recording – neither is the cover picture of John on a Harley either. Also check out the name of the vocalist for Cirith Ungol. Yes I confess…I used to sing in a metal band….nah, not me but I love coinkydinks like that, especially accompanied by white bearded Santa types! Sadly it looks like he died in 2001.

* This might be a lie, pray for me, etc.

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