Solar Powered Waving Queen & Olympigs Mascots

You can tell the Jubly and the O£ympic$ are around the corner, because not only are all the shop fronts got strange Union Jack items and Queenbilia in them, the crap collectibles are hitting the streets.

The Pink Solar Powered Waving Queens, for instance above – I swear, am NOT making this shit up.

Or, why not dress one of the Olympic Mascots in PC Plod uniform for that real Locked Down Police State vibe? The comments on the Amazon page are legendary.

Oi Oi Oi what’s going on ‘ere then? ‘Ave you got a license for that there missile on that there tower block, m’lad?

If I had more money that sense I’d buy them, then again I don’t want any of my queen’s heads going to the Twitter account bothering farce that is LOCOG.

On the other hand this is more my style, and most definitely not crap, Lydia Leith’s great sick bag. I was given one of the Royal Wedding ones last year, so bought one of the red sick bags to go with it.

Oh and talking of farces, I love that the Jubilee line train that failed a few days ago forcing 700 people on one of the hottest days of the year to walk through tunnels was one of the two Diamond Jubilee special trains (yes you can’t even take a train and not avoid the bunting and Union Jack overdose). It does not bode well for either event if they are breaking down already and not even at the full projected capacity! Then again, what’s more British than a packed broken down train with a guard who can’t be bothered to tell you why?

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