Rise for the coral

Most amazing video I’ve seen in a while – Rise by Antony & the Johnsons soundtracking the film ‘Coral: Rekindling Venus’ by Lynne Fallworth. It’s a digital ‘fulldome’ film intended to be projected on the inside of a planetarium dome – you can keep yer 3D, that sounds awesome.

Such precious beauty, it’s obvious from the first minute or so that the fragile aching feel isn’t some affectation, it’s the sad fact that the corals are endangered and are at real risk of becoming extinct. The rising sea temperatures and climate change are killing the coral, and taking with them such wondrous delights.

You can download the song ‘Rise’ and donate to a charity protecting the coral reefs which if you look at such beauty it’s a no-brainer to do so. Looks like in the UK there’s screenings at the Peter Harrison Planetarium in Greenwich which although I’m been avoiding Cultural Olympiad events in protest of the Olympic Nightmare, I think I might break my embargo for this.

The film also has haunting music from Max Richter:

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