Dub Save The Queen

It’s surprising how little kickback/KLF or Sex Pistols style piggybacking there is about HMQ’s Diamond Jubilee – I mean in Olympics year with Chillax King Cameron on the real throne it’s ripe for a little fun. Instead you get the likes of Lily Cole and Bono (yes fucking Bono) turning up to celebrate the old queen (no not Brian Sewell or David Starkey, I mean Liz) – today’s article was a handy ticklist for those who are completely establishment and will NEVER be rock n’ roll or at all rebellious, mostly consigned to either the Upper Class C-List Dustbin or past glory history.

No surprise in the likes of David Hockney, Alan Bennett, Derek Jacobi (shit I’m all out of queen jokes now – insert your own) or Garth Malone, but Tinie Tempah: WTF are you doing there? Vivienne Westwood? Eh? How, err, punk. Also John Hurt? *sigh* I’m guessing some of them are there because of past Queenie relations – Peter Blake for instance because of his painting which I guess is fairy nuff – but quite a few establishment gong-seeking liggers also. Bleh.

So it’s nice to hear about ‘middle class soundsystem’ Sly and Reggie and their Dub Save the Queen project – more subtly subversive and fun rather than the all-in attack of the Pistols, but apparently tomorrow (well today now – Friday) they and their Queen will be performing Dub Save the Queen at Windrush Square in London at 1pm on the back of their Morris Minor Pickup (I bet it’s a converted Traveller – my parents had one of those!). Sounds fun, and they’ll be releasing the single on Monday, pretty sure I’ll be picking up a copy…and check out the site for some free remixes/tracks as part of a compilation album released later in the year.

I just wish it wasn’t just that and a rather mild Banksy holding up the ‘front’. And I guess Private Eye? And a few Stuff the Jubilee badges and tshirts. *sigh* I hope more comes online closer to the event. Or maybe it’s just one of those total MEH/madness things? Like the Royal Wedding where most chose to just ignore it and keep their head down. Yes it gets rather weird here during mass ‘royal’ events, you tend to take note though of who has drunk the King-Aid, well Queenola I suppose for future wall/revolution interface opportunities. But it does seem lonely, an oasis of revolution/republicanism (even my Dad is a republican!) in an apparent maelstrom sea of Queen lovin’.

So you tend to notice the few like Sly and Reggie that publicly stick their heads up or tongues out, it’s rare.

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