Bernie and the Billionaire, Bread and Circuses

Love this speech from Bernie Sanders, amazingly the first self-described ‘socialist’ in the Senate if Wikipedia is correct. I wish there were more politicians brave enough to say this – sadly the currently corporate funding and lobbying system here and abroad means they’re very unlikely to do so – that system breeds corruption, kickbacks and favours. The results of which we can see in the Murdoch hacking case, where left and right courted the influential staff at News International. While doing so they raised real issues of police corruption, Jeremy Hunt’s complicity in the BSkyB deal, and how in bed the Government and Murdoch was and how much access he and his staff had to ministers and information. And the unsettling feeling that it was Murdoch that was a Kingmaker and deciding who should run the country, not the people.

I’m still amazed that the people at large haven’t woken up to the fact their banks and corporates are stealing their future, their pensions, their savings and benefits. Sadly when they do it might be too late – then again it’s a zero-sum game as society will crumble and even those bankers and billionaires would need very deep bunkers to live in to be safe from all the violence and chaos. Strange the modern rich haven’t learned the past lessons, of Rome and pre-revolutionary France and Russia, but they will…unfortunately before we get there a lot of people are going to be hurt, dispossessed, killed and attacked – I may be a revolutionary in spirit but I’d rather not have the decline that leads up to it. Liberals and right-wingers may tut about the riots, but every politician secretly knows that in a system where the working people feel apathetic and unrepresented by all parties or politicians then trouble will quickly follow. And the people know nothing is done until something happens…it’s a stalemate.

Sadly I fear the 1% or whatever you want to call them won’t learn until again it happens, either like Greece the whole pack of cards falls, like the Roman Empire did – and people will turn on themselves (already happening – see last year’s riots which I think won’t be the last, or rise of domestic violent episodes, or the violent clashes in Greece) or the other scenario is they turn on the people who got them in this mess in the first place. Whichever happens it’s not good for anyone, but while those who are the richest think they have it all scot-free without any responsibility for their decisions and destruction, and place all of the burden on the poor who didn’t cause such market slides in the first place, and while Boris and Dave and even Obama fiddle while Rome burns, these are the only end-games.

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