Reggae in the Deep / Fuck You (and your Ska too)

I know a few people who will go crazy for this reggaie remix of Rolling in the Deep and the ska one below…Adele goes old skool reggae/ska flava! Wish she’d done this version at the Grammys (heard a clip of that, what the Americans made of her crazy Essex-girl babbling, I don’t know – I think they employed the Japanese technique of just smiling and nodding!) Makes me actually like this song (for the record this is the only song I really rate of hers – she deserves the plaudits for creating one of the songs of 2011 with only competition from maybe Lana Del Rey – but the rest of her output can get a little too X-Factor for my liking, or the sixth form poetry/Milton-101 of ‘Set Fire to the Rain’ or ‘Chasing Pavements’ – did you see what she did there? I bet she’d just had the lesson about hard/soft and surreal juxtapositions in English that day!).

Also loving their ska remix of Cee-Lo’s ‘Fuck You’…pretty sure I’ve heard this before, probably because Don Letts is rinsing all their remixes like crazy on 6Music – and quite rightly too. Brilliant stuff. Will certainly play some of these on the show.

Ace name too – Junior Blender 😉 Downloads are here for those wanting some MP3 action.

Oh and what other blog can get Adele, Milton’s Paradise Lost AND Reggae into the same post? Eh? EH? NONE I tell thee!

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