New photo blog: Ragged Trousered Photographer

I have a new photography blog partly because I’ve been revisiting analog photography, and also have a film scanner on the way and have been giving my photography a long needed kick up the arse. It’s called The Ragged Trousered Photographer*, and will be the home for all the photo geeking which does seem a little out of place on Twitter/here.

* Although today via a mishearing it got renamed the Ragga Trouser Photographer, which looks a lot more like this:

I Like To Click It…I Like To Click It! etc. At least they are not as bad as their distant relative, the Hammer Pants. Particularly love the school photo swirl, to bring this smoking mess of a post vaguely back onto photography. You see what happens when Mr Fondue and I get together with alcohol? It’s Moider, that’s what Max says.

Relatio Clash

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