SOPA act protest causes GoDaddy to back down

Those who follow me on Twitter/Facebook or very tech-eagle-eyed might have noticed that my domain host changed for Radio CLash a few days ago to host in the Bahamas. Reason for this was growing upset with GoDaddy, my previous host whose CEO not only makes RyanAir’s CEO look warm and fuzzy (elephant hunting!??) but they recently supported the draconian US Stop Online Piracy Act which was the last straw and I took my business elsewhere, even though it cost me. I wasn’t alone in that, with a mass boycott & pull out with guides on how to transfer popping up all over the place (doesn’t help their rivals were gleefully snubbing their noses at them and being vocally anti-SOPA).

Looks like hitting them in the pocket worked – they are reconsidering their stance to SOPA already. Sadly Marvel and Disney have come out in support also. This blog post talks about that and about the issues facing the comic book industry also gives a good description for all people why SOPA is so dangerous. Similar to the silly UK Digital Economy Act the State want to setup Great Firewalls ala China to ban sites that are deemed to pirate material or even post links to infringing material- which not only in the strictest sense knocks out a lot of YouTube, all mashups inc this site, Twitter, large parts of Facebook and blogging sites – also poses a big risk for free speech. Combines with the scary Section 1031 of NNDA 2012 which it’s indefinite detention clause and the claim of America as being Land of the Free seems to be getting more and more laughable.

And the fact that such bodies like the RIAA and BREIN (their Dutch counterpart) have been caught stealing isn’t lost on me either.

If you’re interested in organising other SOPA boycotts you might find this list of SOPA supporters very useful (via asteris) – especially interesting the ‘cool’ brands like Adidas America, Nike, Harley Davidson & Dolce & Gabbana are also supporters…

(thanks to BristleKRS for the Comic Book link)

Move over Gaga it’s Kyary Pamyu Pamyu – JPop sunshine for the darkest day

I can’t really describe the excellent video for Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s PonPonPon, other than to say it’s a great antidote to the darkest longest day, and strangely even looks slightly festive, in a warped Japanese kawaii kind of way. No idea what the video or song is about, but it’s the catchiest thing you’ll hear and the video is amazingly bizarre. Apparently Kyary is a blogger and Harajuku model (thank you Wikipedias!) and fashion businesswomen – by the looks of the latest video she’s aiming to be the next Lady Gaga, at least in Japan, and given these videos it’s very possible.

And nice that someone has already made the mashup that was in my head when I heard and saw the video – mostly the video which reminds me of Pon De Floor (supermatch name!), not sure if the maker of Kyary’s video knows Eric Warheim but they share the same sort of video game surreality TV feel…

And note I didn’t once use the phrase ‘like on acid’. I’m very proud of that, but it was a near thing. Dancing eyeballs, brains, singing skulls, Rambo geese and farting computer graphics (?) oh my! (Thanks to Niallist for posting the PonPonPon video!)

Working Xmas Day – Wind-Up Birds

Just heard this on 6Music, and of course every time I do a CD or mix or themed podcast I ALWAYS hear tracks that would’ve been perfect for it just after I’ve put it out. This would have been a dead cert for Bah Humbug II – a story of not wanting to do Christmas and working Christmas Day cos you hate everyone. Love the Wedding Present meets Half Man Half Biscuit feel of this, especially love the ‘We’ll have a party right HERE! We’ll do a show right here!’ which is one of me and Kirk’s sayings…and ‘I’m not that keen on Driving Home For Christmas by Chris Rea!’ – never a true word said.

And just bought it and found out that all proceeds go to Barnados charity – result!

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