Merry Creepmas! I’m Dreaming of a Black Black Xmas…

Just back from Egypt and South Africa (hey they put on a revolution just for me! So nice!) but I’ve still been busy in my absence. DJNoNo’s spooktastic Xmas mashup ‘BlacKmas Dub’ went up yesterday as part of the inaugural post for the 13 Days of Creepmas – a Halloween protest against the creeping of Christmas into other seasons. In fact I was really surprised in South Africa (and obviously Egypt as a Muslim country) there were no Xmas decorations, so when I arrived at Heathrow I had a shock as the deluge of Xmas-related eye-tinsel had already started….Anyway also on the mashup EP are mashups from Sticks Downey, Cheekyboy, G4Gorilla And DJ Useo. You can also download my track here if the link goes AWOL in future.

Thanks to Cheekyboy!

And of course there’s another installment of Santastic, for those who want their mashup Xmases less black and scary 😉 Well apart from the evil looking Killer Robo-Santa on the artwork – eek! Really wanted to be a part of Santastic too, but it’s hard to do one Xmas mashup before I get in the mood (hard to feel Xmassy in October/November!) let alone TWO!

Relatio Clash

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