Occupy Wall Street

As mentioned in my previous post, there’s a lot of ignorance by mainstream media of the Occupy Wall Street protests – reminds me of the Gay Pride protests how it took Live8 and Geldof turning up before Gay Pride EVER made the evening news here…and people have been making out the protests are small and that the info online is deceptive – but this video goes some way to counter this disinformation…look at all the people in Zuccati Park, and the fact the police can arrest 700 of them and still have 1000+ more, swelling up to 5,000+ on the most recent protest, this is definitely getting bigger. And grass roots, unlike other campaigns, so like Tahrir Square there isn’t a leader or leaders to ‘sell out’…just people upset that they’re being ignored and the 1% who owns most of the country get bail outs and no jail time whereas those protesting get jailed and arrested.

I think this picture from Jessica Rinaldi / Reuters says it all:

EDIT sorry Apple fans, but this video won’t probably work on your device – and I’m going back to the old non-HTML5 compatible way of embedding videos.

Why? Well the IFRAME ‘new code’ workaraounds for HTML5 from Vimeo and YouTube also includes sneaky tracking code/cookies. It’s a choice between exposing all my readers to more tracking (I have a few like AddThis here, and Yahoo’s default tracking that comes with the media bar I can’t disable) from companies I have no control over – and the security risk of them adding any code onto my site – or cater for a few using Apple products that don’t support Flash. Not a good choice. BTW I really recommend people use Ghostery, NoScript and Disconnect.me although the latter can cause problems with CAPTCHA.

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